Full House

Season 8 Episode 1

Comet's Excellent Adventure

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 1994 on ABC

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  • Silly puppy love

    This episode was very silly. Most of the story focused on Comet and some female dog who took a tour of San Fransisco. They were riding cable cars. Looking over the city from tall towers. Watching TV from a Store front window. It was not a very good episode. Jesse being kicked out of the Rippers was the second story line which was much more interesting them the main storyline.
  • Excellent

    This episode was excellent, and also called Comet's Excellent Adventure. :P lol I really really enjoyed it because it was too funny, and it was cool seeing a lot of San Francisco. Jesse lets Michelle walk Comet by herself, and then Comet runs away and chases a giant wiener. While following it, he finds a cute female dog, and he walks around the city with her. The whole family searches for Comet, but does he come back? The answer is obvious, but you have to watch to find out. I can't wait until I buy the 8th season so I can watch this one.
  • Comet Excellent Adventure!!!!!

    Danny begin to see who's turn was it to walk Coment.Of course it was Jessie's turn to do it.When Michelle wanted to walked Coment Jessie said yes.So Michelle takes Coment for an walked.Unfortunelly Coment run away chasing after an hot dog car.Even though Michelle told Stephaine and of course she didn't believed about the hot dog van.So Coment begin to fall in love its an thing call Puppy Love.Yeah Coment,has an amazing adventure as his owners begin to looked for him all over town.This episode was very nice and funny.
  • Awww, it's puppy love . . .

    This was the first episode the episode was mostly focused on Comet, the hilarious family dog, that may cannot talk, but is so side splitting with all of his crazy moves, and his different attitudes. And, about the only episode focused mainly on Comet, it was a great one, and after I watched it a first time, I was saying to myself, "This episode better come back on soon!" And soon it did, and I laughed at everything the audience laughed at, and this episode was so great. Usually, I don't like shows or episodes that have mostly to do with dogs or other animals, but this one, was different. I liked it! Two thumbs up, and five stars!
  • Pet lovers will understand

    Though not as good as the awesome book "A Dog's Life" inth e sisters series, this is still a very good book showing the love a child has for a dog, and what can happen when they go missing. The thing w/Comet and the female dog was awesome, like Snoopy and a mate might be.