Full House

Season 4 Episode 2

Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 1990 on ABC
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When Michelle disobeys her father's orders and sets up a swimming pool in the kitchen, will Danny finally muster up the courage to enforce proper discipline?

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  • My favorite show ever but this episode kills the whole thing..

    full house is my favorite show when i first saw the show i knew it was the best. its very cool. but this episode is not there best. spoilled little michelle makes me wanna just spank her. i mean i love her character but mary-kate and ashley do a really good job acting in this episode because it's just like them. they were EXCELLENT! this episode is for all spoilled little brats and i like it! its my personal favorite she should of got a bigger punishment but its all good. i love this episode and the show! good job!moreless
  • See DJ and Stephanie get into trouble for what Michelle does.

    What can I say about this episode of Full House? Well, to me what I didn't like about it was how through the course of the half hour we get to see the guys cater to what ever Michelle wants to do, stay up late, hear her favorite night time song over and over again and basically watching what ever she wants without any consequences to her actions. Another thing that I didn't like about the episode was while DJ and Stephanie was working off a punshment by raking up the leaves in the backyard, Michelle came out and made a mess of their work, resulting in the older Tanner girls having their sister rake up her mess and then get blamed for what she did. Also, what piggybacks this little part of the story was how Michelle threw herself a pool party in the kitchen and Steph and DJ get blamed for it by Danny, the only upside was how Danny finally saw the light that his perfect little "Princess" of a daughter isn't perfect and is old enough to be punished for doing wrong. In all, this wasn't one of my favorite episodes of the show, but it was nice to see that Danny finds his youngest daughter to be old enough to be punished for her negative actions around the house.moreless
  • Michelle threw herself a pool party

    This was an important episode because it was the first episode where Danny really had to face the fact that Michelle was not a baby anymore and is old enough to be punished when she has done something wrong. When the window got broke Danny went right to blaming DJ and Steph. It was funny when Danny was looking through the binoculars and Mr. Gibbler tells him to get a new hobby or he is gonna call the police.moreless
  • I love this episode

    Michelle acts like a princess when she wants attention and so she does stuff to get her sisters D.J and Stephanie in trouble like starting pillow fights and going swimming in the kitchen when Danny blames it on D.J and Stephnie.Meanwhile Danny also tries ways to make Michelle go to sleep.When eveyone of the adults in the tanner house figure out that they treat her like a princess.When D.J and Stephanie are hanging out with Kimmy in their bedroom that`s when the trouble starts.Michelle comes and starts a pillow fight which cause D.J and Stephanie to get grounded when they end up not getting to watch the music awards.Meanwhile Jesse,Joey and Danny have problems with Michelle not going to sleep.Meanwhile Jesse sells his prized guitar to get an engagment ring for Becky.moreless
  • A hilarious episode and it was amazing!

    Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor is a hilarious and awesome episode of Full House. It was so funny when Danny was looking at the Gibbler's house with binoculars and Mr. Gibbler said to get a new hobby or he's calling the police. Ha ha ha! Michelle starts a pillow fight and DJ breaks the window by accident, and Danny blames DJ. DJ and Steph are punished. Michelle brings the baby pool in the house and Michelle finally gets caught and gets punished. Michelle reminded me of my little 6 year old cousin in this episode and some other episodes, but especially in this one.moreless
John Stamos

John Stamos

Jesse Katsoplis

Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Daniel Ernest "Danny" Tanner

Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin

Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis (recurring Season 2, 1989-1995)

Candace Cameron

Candace Cameron

Donna Jo Margaret "D.J." Tanner

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin

Stephanie Judith Tanner

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner

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    • (Michelle rocks on her chair during her punishment)
      Michelle: This is no fun.
      No fun...
      looking at the wall.

    • Danny: My shoe is wet.

    • Rebecca: (about her engagement ring) What a ROCK!!!

    • Jesse: Oh, Stu, this ring is beautiful. How much we talkin' here?
      Stu: It's gonna run you, uh... (shows Jesse the price)
      Jesse: Have mercy, I hope that's your telephone number.

    • Stu: So, Jess, gimme a price range. Ya deeply in love, moderately in love, or desperate for companionship?

    • Danny: Michelle, did you start a pillow fight?
      Michelle: Yes, I did.
      Danny: Michelle, that was wrong. (to Stephanie and D.J.) You girls are in big trouble.
      D.J.: Why are we in trouble?!
      Danny: Because she's just a little girl. You're supposed to set an example.
      D.J.: We did. We set an example of how destructive pillow fights can be.
      Danny: Nice try. Now, according to the "Official Dads" Handbook, the punishment for furniture through a window is raking the yard to pay for it, and no music video awards.
      (Stephanie and D.J. are disgusted)
      Kimmy: Boy, Mr. T, you sucked all the fun outta this room.
      Danny: Kimmy, I know I should punish you and not your parents, but I'm sending you home.
      (Kimmy leaves)

    • Danny: Michelle?
      Michelle: Yes, Daddy?
      Danny: Are you ready to be a good girl now?
      Michelle: I'll be a very good girl.
      Danny: Good. And did you learn a lesson from all this?
      Michelle: Yes, I did. No swimming in the kitchen.
      Danny: Yes, no swimming in the kitchen, that's a VERY important lesson. But there's a bigger lesson here. Daddy, Uncle Jesse, and Joey-- We know what's best for you. So, honey, when we ask you to do somethin', you should do it. Deal?
      Michelle: You're da boss.

    • (Stephanie and D.J. catch Michelle swimming in the kitchen)
      Stephanie: Having fun, Michelle?
      Michelle: Surf's up, dudes.
      D.J.: Surf's up, dudes? No, your time's up, dudette. I'm calling Dad.
      Stephanie: Wait. Is there any possibly way we can get blamed for this?
      D.J.: Not this time. Look at her. She's a sitting duck.
      Stephanie: We got her now! Dad, get in here!
      D.J.: Hurry up!
      Danny: (enters the kitchen) Girls, what's all the...
      (he accidentally steps into the pool)
      Michelle: No shoes in the pool!
      Danny: Girls, you better have an explanation for this.
      Stephanie: He's blaming us. This is a nightmare!
      D.J.: Dad, it's not our fault! Michelle dragged in her pool, Michelle filled it with water, Michelle blew up her floaties, and Michelle threw herself a pool party.
      Stephanie: Dad, the keyword here is... "Michelle".
      Danny: Well, if you saw her do all those things, why didn't you try and stop her?
      D.J.: Because you let her do whatever she wants.
      Danny: No, I don't.
      Michelle: Yes, you do. I'm a little princess.
      Danny: Uh-oh. This is all my fault.
      Stephanie: What?! She's off the hook again?!
      D.J.: She is really good!
      Danny: She is not off the hook. (to Michelle) Okay, little princess. You and I need to talk. Michelle: Am I in big trouble, mister?
      Danny: Yes, ma'am. Stand up, please. (to Stephanie and D.J.) Girls, if you'll excuse us for a moment, I need to talk to Michelle about her very first punishment.
      D.J.: Nail her, Dad! And if she tries to pull any of that cute stuff, think of your wet shoe.
      Danny: I'll remember that.

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