Full House

Season 4 Episode 2

Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 1990 on ABC



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    • (Michelle rocks on her chair during her punishment)
      Michelle: This is no fun.
      No fun...
      looking at the wall.

    • Danny: My shoe is wet.

    • Rebecca: (about her engagement ring) What a ROCK!!!

    • Jesse: Oh, Stu, this ring is beautiful. How much we talkin' here?
      Stu: It's gonna run you, uh... (shows Jesse the price)
      Jesse: Have mercy, I hope that's your telephone number.

    • Stu: So, Jess, gimme a price range. Ya deeply in love, moderately in love, or desperate for companionship?

    • Danny: Michelle, did you start a pillow fight?
      Michelle: Yes, I did.
      Danny: Michelle, that was wrong. (to Stephanie and D.J.) You girls are in big trouble.
      D.J.: Why are we in trouble?!
      Danny: Because she's just a little girl. You're supposed to set an example.
      D.J.: We did. We set an example of how destructive pillow fights can be.
      Danny: Nice try. Now, according to the "Official Dads" Handbook, the punishment for furniture through a window is raking the yard to pay for it, and no music video awards.
      (Stephanie and D.J. are disgusted)
      Kimmy: Boy, Mr. T, you sucked all the fun outta this room.
      Danny: Kimmy, I know I should punish you and not your parents, but I'm sending you home.
      (Kimmy leaves)

    • Danny: Michelle?
      Michelle: Yes, Daddy?
      Danny: Are you ready to be a good girl now?
      Michelle: I'll be a very good girl.
      Danny: Good. And did you learn a lesson from all this?
      Michelle: Yes, I did. No swimming in the kitchen.
      Danny: Yes, no swimming in the kitchen, that's a VERY important lesson. But there's a bigger lesson here. Daddy, Uncle Jesse, and Joey-- We know what's best for you. So, honey, when we ask you to do somethin', you should do it. Deal?
      Michelle: You're da boss.

    • (Stephanie and D.J. catch Michelle swimming in the kitchen)
      Stephanie: Having fun, Michelle?
      Michelle: Surf's up, dudes.
      D.J.: Surf's up, dudes? No, your time's up, dudette. I'm calling Dad.
      Stephanie: Wait. Is there any possibly way we can get blamed for this?
      D.J.: Not this time. Look at her. She's a sitting duck.
      Stephanie: We got her now! Dad, get in here!
      D.J.: Hurry up!
      Danny: (enters the kitchen) Girls, what's all the...
      (he accidentally steps into the pool)
      Michelle: No shoes in the pool!
      Danny: Girls, you better have an explanation for this.
      Stephanie: He's blaming us. This is a nightmare!
      D.J.: Dad, it's not our fault! Michelle dragged in her pool, Michelle filled it with water, Michelle blew up her floaties, and Michelle threw herself a pool party.
      Stephanie: Dad, the keyword here is... "Michelle".
      Danny: Well, if you saw her do all those things, why didn't you try and stop her?
      D.J.: Because you let her do whatever she wants.
      Danny: No, I don't.
      Michelle: Yes, you do. I'm a little princess.
      Danny: Uh-oh. This is all my fault.
      Stephanie: What?! She's off the hook again?!
      D.J.: She is really good!
      Danny: She is not off the hook. (to Michelle) Okay, little princess. You and I need to talk. Michelle: Am I in big trouble, mister?
      Danny: Yes, ma'am. Stand up, please. (to Stephanie and D.J.) Girls, if you'll excuse us for a moment, I need to talk to Michelle about her very first punishment.
      D.J.: Nail her, Dad! And if she tries to pull any of that cute stuff, think of your wet shoe.
      Danny: I'll remember that.

  • Notes

    • As of this episode, Jesse's room no longer has the pink-bunny wallpaper, except for one rabbit, which is now framed.

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