Full House

Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 1992 on ABC

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  • Tommy with Stephanie or DJ?

    Danny, Jesse and Joey all tell Stephanie and DJ that what they feel for Tommy isn't love, it's just a crush. I'm kind of surprised that the guys didn't tell Stephanie and DJ that Tommy might be too old for them. I mean Stephanie just turned 10, DJ was 15 and Tommy was like 22. Tommy was old enough to be out of college, while Stephanie and DJ were too young to even start college.
  • Oh its Tommy Page

    I thought this episode was nerve wracking because it is so unreal. Like any normal family could get a singer like Tommy Page to come over and sing a song at their house. Sure. I like the show when it has a more real touch to it. Though the story line was good about DJ and Steph fighting over Tommy. The actuallity of the whole thing is impossible.
  • This is Stephanies 10th B-day. The big 1-0. The one thing that she asks Danny for is for her to miss school to go see her favorite singer Tommy Paige. Danny says no but what Stephanie doesn't know is that Tommy's invited to her party for a big surprize.

    Okay. This is one of the great Full House episodes. It shows how much Stephanie has grown up in the past few years. It's Stephanies tenth birthday and the only thing she asks her dad for is to let her skip school to go see her favorite rock star Tommy Paige. Danny says no but what Stephanie doesn't know is that Danny has invited Tommy to come and sing at her party. Stephanie has a major crush on Tommy but she is so star struck that she thinks she is in love. She has to learn that a crush is just a crush and nothing serious. Unfortunatly she ends up having to learn it the hard way. This is a great episode to watch. And if your a full house lover, definatly a must see episode.
  • An average teen crush......

    Its Stephaine's birthday.Danny gives Stephaine an surprise birthday present which was Tommy Page.Even though,she doesn't know it.After the kiss Stephaine believed that she and Tommy are ment to be forever.Even the song,that was dedicated to her.Tommy reveals to Danny,about the song that it was dedicated to his girlfriend.Only that he changed the name to Stephaine.When Stephaine learn that D.J likes her boyfriend.Crushed and sad deciding that she would get her boyfriend back by showing embarassing snapshot of D.J as an baby.The two begin to fight over the pictures and stuff.

    This episode was o.k except this was much an teen crush.Who falls in love with an celebrity stuff.