Full House

Season 2 Episode 1

Cutting It Close

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 1988 on ABC

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  • It was Jesse's fault

    As soon Jesse saw Stephanie with a real pair of scissors He should have taken it away from her. Stephanie was six years old and luckily she only accidently cut Jesse's hair. Then Jesse broke both his arms and Stephanie feels guilty. At the end all is forgiven and it was a great episode about carelessness.
  • superb

    Stephanie gives Jesse a pretend haircut, and she accidentally cuts off more than she expected. So, he goes to get a real haircut, but gets in a bad accident on the way, putting him in a body cast. He can't do anything for himself, so the family needs to help, but Stephanie is scared she was the reason he got hurt, and the last thing she wants to do is hurt him again.

    Good episode and good kickoff to the second season. It was not perfect or anything but it was a nice plot that shows Jesse loves Stephanie. My final grade would be in the "B" range, an enjoyable way to spend 23 minutes of your time
  • Where are the pretend sissors?

    I thought this episode was average. First of all Jesse tends to over react in a lot of situations. Yes it was his hair his pride and joy but Stephanie made a mistake when she cut that chunk of Jesse's hair off. But it was a nice segway into the new look for Jesse. I thought the part where Jesse tries to eat a bowl or cereal was very funny. As was the ending when he yells for Joey cause he needed help to go to the bathroom. Funny episode.
  • Takes place over 6-8 weeks, proves air date not always when an ep. took place

    This one starts in early summer, w/Steph playing barber, and ends perhaps right before school starts, even though the air date is later this is easy to understand when one watches thoughtfully. I didn't care for how Jesse overreacted int his episode, but it is very in keeping with him and his character. Stephanie feeling bad about something that wasn't really her fault and wasn't even all that bad was funny but yet very in keeping with how children do act int hose instances. They base it very much how how someone else responds, often.
  • Jesse\'s hair is accidently cut while playing hairdresser with Stephanie. On the way back from the real hairdresser, Jesse crashes and breaks both arms. Stephanie is now afraid to go near him. Then, Jesse and Stephanie work things out and Jesse decides to

    Jesse cutting his hair is the main reason I love all the episodes after this one. Long hair on him bugs me so much. He also decides to become less of a rebel and do something with his life. If you ask me, he is a lot better off this way. The moral value of the show is increased because Jesse dating a different girl on each show is very bothersome. Thank goodness for this episode.
  • stephanie axadently cut Jesse's hair while playing hairdresser. Later that day when Jesse had to get a real haircut after he did he raised out on his harly he was so fustrated he didn't see a sign that said tire damage he broke his arms.

    I love this show.I think Jesse looks better with short hair than long hair.Jesse is my favorite charector.This is my favorite show in the whole intire world. I like this show because it is funny and sometimes sad but I still like it. Cutting it close is my favorite episode.
  • This episode is so cool CAREFULL: spoilers don't veiw this one if you haven't seen this episode

    Cutting It Close is so cool when "Mr. Stephanie" cuts off a chunk no a chunkette Jesse breaks his arms and doesn't want anyone to help but later everyone ( even Michele) and then Jesse breaks his arms and Stephanie thinks Jesse hates her but at the end she finds out that he does
  • you cannot be a full house fan without viewing this episode!sooooo funny.series classic definetly.

    this episode is sooooooooooooooooooooo much better than i thought it would be,you can't miss this episode.if you don't know what happens in it,the story line is that stephanie while playing an innocent game of mr stephanies beauty parlour accidently cuts jesses hair!this episode is hilarious!it's funny at first how jesse reacts when he sees his chopped of hair.great season entry.perfect!.
  • i think....

    i think this is a great way to start a season!i imagined this episode to be good from stuff i had read ont he internet and it was.one of the best in this season!jesse making himself a bowl of cereal was such a funny scene!it had a really sweet ending and my favourite part would probably have to be when she decides to ground herself untill she's 82,so cute!i don't really know what else to say and this has to be 100 words so let's see what can i talk about more on this episode, you should see it!yay!i have 100 words!but,seriously you should see it!
  • I love Full House but this episode just wasnt that good!

    In this episode, Stephanie acidently cuts Jesse's hair!!! That is about the only thing that happens in this episode. After, Stephanie cuts Jesse's hair then the rest of the episode is about how Jesse is mad at Stephanie and Stephanie thinks that Jesse hates her. This episode just wasnt that exciting. It was boring to me. Nothing very interesting happened. As I said earlier, I love Full House but this episode just wasnt the best at all!!!! I think thaty this episode could have been a little better. This is about one of the only episdoes I didnt like and got bored watching.
  • This episode of Full House shows the bond of Jesse and Stephanie. When they usually bond Jesse with Michelle, they finally give attention to Steph.

    Okay, so pretend your playing Beauty Parlor, and your 6 year old niece is \"pretending\' to cut your excellent long hair, with real scissors. You don\'t mind right. And what you dont know is that your niece accidentally snips a chunk of your hair off. Your not gonna kill her. Your not gonna ground her for life. Your not even gonna send her to her room. Your just gonna ignore everything and try to handle things on your own. Well when Jesse get\'s a haircut he breaks both arms. So the family, except Stephanie, helps out. At the end Stephanie realizes not to be afraid of Jesse and their relationship grows.
  • Bad hair day. Beautician-to-be Stephanie cuts Jesse's hair. Good thing she didn't try an appendectomy.

    Full House is one of my favorite shows from back in the 80's and 90's, but this episode, it, it, it, it just wasn't a great one. I mean, cutting hair? Cutting hair!?! That is the main thing happening that causes the big problem. Then about Stephanie thinking Jesse hates her, that's a lie but Jesse, I'll admit, was acting crabby in the whole episode, though he acts crabby or angry in like every episode. Then, the part where Jesse gets a real haircut wasn't anything at all. I'm glad he got a hiarcut, unlike what he thought. But finally he got rid of that ridiculous, long, hair that drove me crazy . . .
  • jesse's crash course lesson.

    well in this episode stephanie gives jesse a good and bad thing to him. his first hair cut. jesse got into a crash and totaled his motorcycle. he crashed becuase of his hair. then he comes back all hurt. and stephanie wanted to play hair cut with jesse. and he said no. but then he change his minded. then stephanie did the impossible. she cut his hair off. and now he needs a full hair cut. and now stephanie is now scared to touch him. that was kind of sad. then jesse learns that the perfect hair is not everything. well just for this episode.