Full House

Season 8 Episode 12

D.J.'s Choice

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 03, 1995 on ABC

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  • You're just to good to be true.

    This was a good episode because it shows how vandalizim can hurt other people. When the kids wind up at the playground and it was totally vandalized they just wanted to go home. When Danny organized the neighborhood to rebuild the playground it showed what a community can do when they get together. When Vipor and Nelson were fighting over DJ it just made her realise she didn't want either of them.
  • Dating is a 2-way street

    Viper and Nelson both have a problem, though Viper much more so. They both only think about what they can get out of their relationship with D.J.. Viper breaks up with her, because of how he feels, instead of talking about it and workign thigns out. Nelson is a nice guy, but he thinks he can overwhelm her with riches and flowers and stuff, and get what he wants without considering what she wants. In the end, she makes the right choice - she chooses neither, because while she's willing to give in a relationship, she needs to have someone able to consider her, too.
    The vandalism stuff and rebuildign the playground was also excellent.
  • Viper breaks up with D.J. in the beginning of the episode and she falls back on Nelson who comforts her in her time of need. Then, Viper wants to take D.J. back, but Nelson said he doesn't deserve her. Now, she has to chose between Viper and Nelson.

    In the beginning of the episode, Nelson, Kimmy, D.J., Michelle, and Stephanie are going to a fair. Viper was suppose to go with them, but unfortuntely, he comes to the house and tells D.J. that they are breaking up. Nelson comes in after Viper leaves and comforts her. When they get back, Nelson asks D.J. out to dinner and that night, Viper wanted to take D.J. back. D.J. goes out with Nelson and she couldn't concentrate through the whole dinner. In the end, she has to chose between Nelson and Viper, and she choses neither of them. She couldn't make the decision to chose between them, so she let both of them go. This was a great episode because it finally let D.J. have some freedom to be single.
  • D.J choice who would it be will it be Viper or Nelson?

    When D.J and Vipor were dating.Viper begin to tell D.J that he rather not see her anymore.Which made D.J upset,and when Nelson came to see her.He learns about Vipor breaking up with her.So he was there to comfert her.In some point in time Vipor comes back asking for D.J to date him again.Nelson comfronts him and the two begin to fight to see who would D.J prefer to be with.Meanwhile Danny and the others are repairing the community playground.When D.J is force to choose between Vipor and Nelson.She choose neither.

    I guess she still love Steve or she begin to see how dating is hard.But an very good episode.
  • What I think

    Awsome show ever