Full House

Season 2 Episode 4

D.J.'s Very First Horse

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 1988 on ABC

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  • A boring episode about DJ getting a horse...

    I think that this episode is pretty boring. All this episode about is D.J. trying to get a horse. She knows that nobody would allow her getting a horse, even when Danny agreed that if she could take care of the pet for two weeks. She would've known that Danny meant other pets, and definitely not a horse. Overall, this episode is also pretty boring, it's all about how D.J. takes care of the horse. The only parts that I liked about this episode is the part when Stephanie wants to keep the tail of the horse and name it Buttercup, and when everybody try to not let Danny notice the horse in the living room.
  • DJ secretly owns a horse named Rocket.

    This episode always makes me laugh. I mean, the part where Stephanie and her friend stepped into the living room to find DJ with a horse. What made it really funny was when Jesse and Joey saw the horse. I absolutely loved the part where Joey says "When Danny sees there's a horse in the living room he's going to blame this on me. Because this is really funny." HAHAHAHA! But when Jesse and Joey try to get Danny into the kitchen without seeing the horse, when Danny did see it, he totally freaked out! He kept saying "There's a horse in my living room." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Genius, pure genius.
  • Don't get a horse without your parents or guardians permission or lie to them about where you are going after school.

    D.J. and Kimmy want to buy a horse named Rocket and the owner tells them it's a $100 a week to stable him. Stephanie hears about the horse and D.J. tells her if she could keep it a secret for two weeks she would let her own her own part of it which was the tail. D.J. also lies to Danny about where she is going after school. After two weeks Danny freaks when he sees Rocket in the house and he asks D.J. how she get him in the house. D.J. is sent to her room and Danny has talk with her about what she did.
  • loved it!

    this episode is so funny,seriously,it's hilarius,the part with stephanie owning the tail of the horse was so funny i mean where do they come up with this stuff.it was so funny how when dj brings the horse into the house and tries to figure out a way to hide him how stephanie says 'don't get mee in trouble hide the tail'that was so cute and funny.this episode once again teaches a good lesson in how you shouldn't lie cos in the long run it get's you in more trouble than you started out with,switch it on,watch it,like it,love it!
  • D.J. could have solved the whole problem

    If D.J. just talks to Danny, he'd tell Becky - and she'd have bought the horse anyway. I like to try to take something out of every episode, and here you can at least take this from it. In fact, I suspect the more mature D.J. - having begun to mature herself while taking on responsibility with Michelle and Stephanie in the book (as mentioned before, she's the oldest on that floor besides Danny so would be doing more for each sister) - does exactly that in the books, so she never gets in trouble.
    Here, however, it's possible we see they live in a suburb and not San francisco proper - the airport's not downtown after all, and if I live in Shaker Heights I'll be telling people I live in Cleveland for those who on't know the suburbs. It would also explain why the house is apparently a little different than what we see int he opening, since they're not connected to each other. So, in other words, maybe we learn more about the Tanners than we realize from D.J. riding that horse throught he possible suburb. Though you'd think people would still notice.
  • We're gonna get a horse.

    I think this episode was just a filler episode. First of all what kid gets that kind of alloance every 2 week to be able to pay for stable fees. Doesn't anybody notice that DJ wasn't comiing home after school on time? I am sure you can't ride through the streets of San Fancisco on a horse so how was it that nobody noticed DJ bringing Rocket home? Not a great episode.