Full House

Season 1 Episode 22

D.J. Tanner's Day Off

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 06, 1988 on ABC

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  • great

    DJ really wants to meet a singer at the mall and have an autograph, especially when she finds out her friend Kimmy gets to go. But Danny refuses. So, DJ pulls together a scheme to go there, but it might not be the best plan when Joey ends up there. Will she get caught?

    Lesson of this story; don't cut school and lie to your parents/guardians, something a lot of people have done at least once in their lives'. This was a pretty good episode. It had a good plot and a strong message. Not a lot of humor, but oh well. Overall my final grade for this episode is going to be in the "B" range
  • Don't lie to your parents or guardians and don't cut school for anything you really want.

    D.J. wants an autograph of Stacy Q and she does no matter what to get the autograph. Danny tells her that she should to school. D.J. tricks Jesse by doing a fake interview than she pretends to be sick the next day to get the autograph. Joey is at the mall getting Stacy Q's autograph for D.J. and she doesn't count on him showing up. She is caught by him and Michelle. D.J. is taken home on a leash. Jesse and Joey had to punish D.J. by telling her no friends over, and no television. Danny comes home and he has a talk with D.J. about what she did.
  • Today lesson is never cut school and lie to your guardian or parents.

    D.J is excited that her favorite singer Stacey Q is signing autograph.But unfortunelly she can't cut school.While her father is out of town.She decided to asked Jessie how he cut school.Since he was her "favorite uncle" so she fake out to Joey,that she was sick.So she pretended to miss school.Than she felt better.So she finally got to the place to get autograph.Little did she know that Joey was going to be there.But thanks to Michelle she was busted.So she ends up grounded.

    Its an lesson never cut school.Even for something important.Cause you may never know if someone would do it for you.While you miss school.
  • Funny episode!

    DJ is going to die if she doesn't get this autograph! So she fakes being sick, with a little help, but gets caught in the end.

    I love how DJ fooled Jesse into telling her how to fake sick, that was hilarious... Jesse is just too cocky for his own good!

    Then I loved how Joey went to go get the autograph with Michelle, while being on a leash (which I thought was hysterical!!!) sniffs out DJ and Kimmy and Joey finds them.

    All together, it was a pretty funny episode, but it didn't seem like a season finale to me!

  • dj tricks jesse into telling her how to skip school.

    this episode was one of my favorites! because dj tricks jesse into giving her ideas for trying to ditch school. so she tells him that shes going to use him for an interview for school. as the person she adores the most. she mentions that he was a wild child when he was young, and she mentions him ditching school alot. then she gets him to tell her how he skipped school. he said he told his mom he was siiiiick. and he forced himself to go to school, but his mom called him in sick. then few minutes later he tells her its all better and hes gonna go to school. but then the school knows hes not gonna go, so he gets to go to the concert.
  • Kimmy and Dj Go to the mall to get an autograph from their favorite singer: Stacey Q. Since it was a school day and they weren't allowed out they try and keep a low profile, but are caught by joey after he goes to get an autograph for them.

    I Loved This Episode! I loved it because of the guest star: Stacey Q. This was a dear episode to anyone one who has been caught or found doing something wrong. Stacey's pefromance was fanominal ! Couldn't Stop watching it!
    It was a very funny and exciting episode. All Around good show.
  • like another reviewer said good use of characters,really brings out dj's character especially.

    great season one finale,sure nothing big happened like someone got married or something,but it was a really good episode!good reality also used,because lots of kids do skip school also to add to that great message at the end.you can't watch the box set without seeing this episode!it was definetly nerve-wracking,it was also really sneaky and abstract how she got away with it i thought that was really creative of the writers to come up with that plan,it really makes you think you should watch this episode if you've got a test coming up it warms up your brain!it's very funny i have 2 favourite parts i can't decide either when dj was fake inerviewing jesse or when michelle found dj that was both funny and very cute on michelles part.great episode!don't go past it!you'll love it!
  • Funny, good use of characters.

    D.J. using Jesse's trick to get off school is priceless. (In one book, Michelle tries something similar, also in 5th grde, more of the D.J. as mom thing I guess :-) It also shows how easily Jesse is fooled - and probably lays the groundwork for how he could have faked sickness or something at his own grdution so everyone thought he grduated when he didn't.
  • Wish I had an Uncle Jesse when I was in school.

    I wish I had an Uncle Jesse when I was in school. This episode was plotted well. It was cleaver the way that they had DJ interview Jesse to get a way to fool Joey to get out of school. The funny part is when Jesse is telling Joey about how he told DJ about it all in an interview with DJ's person she admires. She fooled Jesse as well. When Michelle was going after rag and finds DJ the expression on her face was priceless. Good episode all and all.