Full House

Season 1 Episode 7

Daddy's Home

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 1987 on ABC

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  • great

    Danny is sad when Michelle finally says "Dada", but she says it to Jesse and then to Joey. Danny starts spending more time with the girls so he won't miss out on much of their lives'. Jesse meanwhile tries to teach Joey how to be cool, but will he regret it?

    It was good. I think I liked the sub plot with Joey being 'cool', probably because it was funnier to me than the main plot. But the main plot had a good plot, even though it was not very funny. So, one plot has good humor and one plot has a good plot, so because of all of this my final grade is a B. Enjoyable episode
  • Gotta like the fashion show!

    First off, the fashion show bit was nice. But it was so cool to see John Stamos playing the organ! He plays drums & guitar, is there any instrument he can't play?

    Anyway, seeing Joey trying to be like Jesse was a hoot! In a later episode, Jesse does the same thing doing his stand up comedy routine. If there was a contest of impersonating a biker dude, he would win over Matt Roman (Brotherly Love).

    Another plus, Michelle saying Da-Da to Jesse & Joey. At least she didn't say Danny like baby Bart said, "Homer".

    One of my favorite episodes of the bunch.
  • Danny decide to spend time with the girls.

    When Danny comes home.When he see's Michelle.Michelle start calling Joey her daddy.Which got Danny to wondered why she was calling Joey daddy.Than when Jessie thought to give it an try.She called him Daddy too.So when she didn't call Danny anything.This got Danny concern.This make him relized that he is not spending an lot of time with the girls.So he decided to stay home from work and spend time with the girls.Which made Stephaine and D.J happy.But soon enough for them to find out that it was getting boring and yet not to hurt their father feeling.

    Not an great great episode to me.....
  • This is my favorite episode of the whole series. Since Jesse and Joey moved in to help the girls, Danny felt like he hasn't been spending enough time with the girls, so he has a father daugher day and the girls have a fun time!

    This is a great episode. Every time I see it I get so happy. This episode's lesson is that you have to spend time with your kids or they will forget who you are and they will start calling you brother-in law or your best friend Da-Da until they figure out that your her real dad by spending some quallaty time with her, then everything will be back to normal. I love this episode!
  • great family plot.

    i think this is a good episode for kids who have working parents.the story lines good.i didn't like the story too much how joey tried to be more like jesse,i just didn't find it that interesting compared to other storylines between them two.it was ok.my favorite part was when michelle said dadda to jesse and joey and danny was trying to get her to call him dadda,i thought that was cute.
  • They tried to show something good, but didn't do that greaat at it.

    Stephanie was sad b/c Danny missed her recital - tht was great. D.J. hid her feelings so Stephanie wouldn't keep feeling sad - very much like her protecting her younger sister. Things are really tough b/c Pam would normally be there to make sure none of this happened; yes! This episode showed all the right things, but as another reviewer said, it was a little off the way they were handled. Not many dads could just take the day off, and it probably would have been better if they'd shown Jesse & Joey at the recital, and some comical things there, with D.J. trying her best to help STephanie feel better. It was a great concept, but it just was a little off the way they handled it.
  • A silly episode

    Come on now... How many people can just take a day off work to play with their kids. Okay I know they were just trying to make a point but seriously how many kids who watch this show would then want their fathers to just take a day off work. In most cases it can't be done. Also the whole Joey trying to be Jessee was really a bit unrealistic. The message that sent to people was it matters what you look like on the outside... It should have been handled by doing it in a way that shows how Joey can be the same from his inside out.
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