Full House

Season 4 Episode 12

Danny in Charge

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 1990 on ABC

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  • When Jessie and Joey away.Danny is left alone in charge of the house.

    While Joey and Jessie goes camping.Danny is left in charge of the house and to take care of the 3 kids himself.While Jessie and Joey are searching for the fox to tape for an commerical.Stephaine has an surprise project for her science project.Which she doesn't want father to know.And D.J just got the part of Juliet.Of course first Danny promised D.J that he would go and see the play.Than he promised Stephaine that he would go and see the science fair.Yes he made two promised and he isn't sure what to do.Altough when he made the side dish of vegetable which turned out to be Stephaine science project.This made D.J happy of course.

    To me this episode wasn't all that great.I mean Danny was alone.D.j and Stephaine was giving him too much preasure on him on which forced him not to go.
  • A Dad who has no idea how to parent and a plot that goes nowhere.

    This episdoe just demonstrates the poor parenting skills of Danny. At my house a slammed door wasn't allowed. We never see Danny punish the girls, or demonstrate any discipline. Jesse and Joey's scene in the forest while nice, is just a filler, with a chance to see some cute furry wood animals and hear the boys sing. A weak plot if you ask me.
  • While jesse and joey are out camping in the woods to catch a picture of a fox,danny has a choice to make when stephanies science fair and dj's play fall on the same day.danny is left with a choice between them.when danny doesnt show up for neither one of

    I think this was a good episode but not really the best of the best.Its just funny that joey is all about the outdoors at first and jesse hates it.But when jesse wakes joey in the morning joey didnt exactly have a good night sleeping with an army of ants.
  • Shhh Daddy's sleeeeping

    I thought this was just an average episode. Single parents often have to choose which place they need to be when they have multiple children and can only be in one place at one time. Then to have Danny sleep through everything. What would Danny do if he didn't have Joey and Jesse living with him.
  • The teaser is unrelated to the episode & therefore takes place the previous month, as it should canonically. The rest of the episode is just average.

    Not much too this, except it's surprising Danny hasn't had to do this before. Also, while it's in character for him to mix up the schedules, it really is something the girls should have spotted and suggested a change. Finally, would Michelle really be okay playing by herself for 4 hours? Then again, maybe she made a bit of a mess & she & Comet just cleaned it up, or maybe they find a bigger mess and maybe she even gets timeout for it after the episode's over. One of those times again we have to accept we don't see everything that happens in this family's lives.