Full House

Season 1 Episode 17

Danny's Very First Date

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 1988 on ABC

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  • pretty good.fantastic message episode!

    this is one of the episodes with a stronger message definetely.it really shows how have to keep moving on no-matter-what but most of all how sometimes things can come across as replacing someone but really there always going to be in your hearts and all it is is just simple moving on and being happy,not getting depressed all the time which i think is a really important message to grown-ups and kids.
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  • Nice job of showing everyone struggling w/moving on

    Great job of showing how everyone struggles with moving on after Pam's death. Danny's talk to the girls about how adults talk about things like this was awesome, and inspired (along with other things) my own story, "Missing Her," which takes place around that time & has the will & who becomes guardian discussed. (On fanfiction.net or one of the yahoo groups like fullhousefanfiction). I love how for the most part they have the kids act like kids, just like the Cosby Show tended to do. Danny's flip-flopping (hhis "evil brother Manny" was great) was superb performing and very well written.
  • Benny the dish rag

    I liked this episode because it shows the difficulties in trying to reenter the dating scene after the death or a loved on or a divorce. Not only is it a struggle for the widow but the kids as well. The flip flop feeliing you have if its to soon or are you ready. Danny made it seem real and showed the struggle well in this episode.