Full House

Season 8 Episode 17

Dateless in San Francisco

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 1995 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Michelle and Teddy is writting Lennys name, you can see that it is Mary-Kate that is writting the name because she is left-handed.

  • Quotes

    • Lisa: (when the time comes to dance with the boys at the party) Anyone who says no gets a wedgie!
      Mrs. Carruthers: Joey, would you like to dance, or would you like a wedgie? Either way, I can't lose!

    • Lisa: Okay, Derek's mine.
      Derek: I love these aggressive women of the 90's!

    • Lisa: (pairing her classmates up for the party) Michelle, you'll be with Teddy.
      Michelle and Teddy: Cool!
      Lisa: And Aaron, you'll be with Sophia.
      Aaron: (looks annoyed, turns to Sophia) Don't wear anything trampy.

    • Teddy: I'm out of here.
      Michelle: But you can't! We have to stay together for the kids!
      Teddy: We don't even have kids!
      Michelle: The kids at the party! We'll be the only ones there without dates.
      Teddy: Who cares? (leaves)
      Michelle: I gave you the best day of my life!

    • Michelle: Teddy and I just broke up.
      DJ: Oh, I'm sorry, Michelle.
      Michelle: DJ, can you help me? Guys are always breaking up with you.
      DJ: Excuse me, but guys don't break up with me; I break up with them.

    • Lisa: I heard you and Teddy broke up.
      Sophia: Did he break your heart?
      Michelle: Nah. I thought that was what it was, but it turned out to be just gas.

    • Michelle: It's probably from Mrs. Carruthers, she's had her eye on you.
      Joey: That's about the only part of her she hasn't had on me.

  • Notes

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