Full House

Season 3 Episode 8

Divorce Court

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1989 on ABC

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  • Stephanie moves in with Michelle...

    In this episode it's mostly about competition, when the men have a race and the girls argue that they don't want to be with each other. The part when the girls are arguing was funny, because whenever D.J. said something to Stephanie, Stephanie always found a clever way to say it back. Then, when Stephanie moved into Michelle's room, it was very beneficial for D.J because she got all the room to herself, but Stephanie, however, didn't liked the idea anymore, because Michelle was being disturbing. I also liked the part when the men have the race; it was funny! Then at the end, Stephanie moved back with D.J. and because Danny won the race, Jesse and Joey had to wear dresses to the Halloween carnival. Another great episode!
  • The winner by a nose literally.

    This episode was just an average episode. To much male testaterone in that house. One has to prove they are better then the other. As in the race that took place between Danny, Jesse and Joey. The only real saving grace to this episode was when Danny, who's ability to win was god given, won by his extremely large nose.
  • Very realistic

    This was very realistic int he way some siblings argue, and if I didn't like the books so much I might rate it higher; I guess I'm jsut very blessed to have cousins where the older siblings are more mature and willing to do thigns witht he younger, as D.J. eventually did. However, that doesn't always happen. The men racing waas very funny!
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