Full House

Season 5 Episode 1

Double Trouble

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 1991 on ABC

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  • great

    Jesse and Rebecca learn that they are expecting twins, and each one of them deals with it in their own way.

    Good episode, albeit kind of a mini 'jump the shark' type episode, it was handled interestingly. The Michelle plot was not that good I did not think, but it is interesting that instead of one kid, they have two to look forward to, even if it is kind of a 'jump the shark' moment. Overall this is a pretty good episode, some good laughs and a good plot, and so because of all of this is gets somewhere in the "B" range as a grade from me
  • This is a very special Full House episode. Rebecca discovers that she is having twins! Rebecca is thrilled. Jesse, not so much.

    This is definatly an incredibly special Full House episode. It is also very revealing and an awsome charecter development episode.You see, this is the first episode of the fifth season and at the end of the fourth season, Rebecca discovers that she is pregnant! But now when she goes to the doctor, she discovers that she is having twins! Rebecca could not be happier, but Jesse was not so thrilled.
    He appears very scared and nervous and the only person he wanted help from is Michelle. Like that helps. But when Jesse starts to look at it a different way, he realizes that he could never be happier. This is an awsome episode and the exact reason I watch this series.
  • What more can you ask for except Double the Trouble?

    In this episode, Jesse comes back from a really long tour with the Rippers to promote there music. Becky and Jesse go to the doctor to get an ultrasound for there baby that they are expecting. As a shock, they find out that the baby they are expecting is actually babies. They are going to have twins! Becky is so excited and Jesse is just speechless. About three hours later, Jesse comes home and Becky was already home a long time ago. Jesse was so shocked and not thinking, he forgot he had a car and walked home. Meanwhile, Stephanie is excited to go to the 4th grade to meet her new teacher, Mr. Lowry. Michelle is very nervous and scared about going to kindergarten because she doesn't know anyone there and she's not sure if the other kids will like her. In the end, Stephanie teaches Michelle and the whole class what Joey's meaning of Hello the Bullwinkle is much fun and much better. Jesse accepts that Becky's having twins and becomes more excited than before. This episode was really great to watch.
  • Your right Steph he is a hunk

    Your right Steph he is a hunk. Steph could not have been more embarrassed then when Michelle snuck into her class room cause she is unhappy in Kintergarden.
    The scene when Becky finds out she is going to have twins is classic. Jesse's reaction is so funny and probably so real. Being "aprehensive" about having twins is probably a natural reaction. yet he played it out so well. Great episode.
  • Everything clicked ont his one - very wgood

    From Jesse's nervousness, the comical "evil twins," and STephanie helping Michelle her first day of Kindergarten, this one was awesome. It had the wonderful loving touches this family is known for, the comedy appeal, and just a great story.
    Incidentally, Michelle likely remembered Steph first, when she had her amnesia, b/c of this, though she might not have remembered "This is my sister who is x yeaars older...", she would get feeligns back first. And here, she's lookign for her for comfort just as she did then, when she felt like she was in a bunch of strangers and her mind would be lookign for some for. of comfort.
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