Full House

Season 3 Episode 9

Dr. Dare Rides Again

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 1989 on ABC

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  • Ride em cowboy

    I thought this was a great episode. I loved seeing Pete come on the show. It, in this early stages of the series, was building Jesse's charater. Not sure what Jesse might do since his character was changing at the time. I loved hearing the singing in this episode. I wonder why Scott and John in real life never recorded anything.
  • Better suited to seasons 1 or 2

    This shows Jesse in another Fonz-like way, but it just seems that it's better for the first couple seasons. Then again, he hasn't totally lost his daredevil abilities, and it does show us just how he used to be. Having Comet as a puppy is neat, watchign him grow, but as another person said, that was vanilla ice cream if I recall, but they still shouldn't have let the dog near it.
  • Scott Baio rocks!

    When Scott Baio went from being Chachi to Charles, he also hung up his singing career & put the guitar back in the case.

    Then five years later, this episode would be a treat for Scott Baio fans. Having him & John Stamos doing "Louis Louis" & "Shout" brought back the days of Chachi.

    Also, we got to see Scott on a motorcycle (which he also did on his 1987 movie, I Love N.Y.).

    Cute Michelle line, "The doggie ate my ouce cream!" (couldn't pronounce ice).

    All & all, this episode aired the day after Thanksgiving 1989, so it wasn't a turkey.
  • Three words that pretty much sum the whole episode up: HOT HOT HOT

    Seriously THE reason I watch Full House! I friggin love John Stamos! And he and Scott Baio are so hot in this episode--from the start to the very finish!! I LOVE IT :D They not only sing two awesome songs, they ride their motorcycles (SEXY)!! John and Scott look more like brothers or cousins rather than buddies in this episode, but it's all good. :P The entire episode I can feel myself drooling. HAHA, seriously though. :D

    This episode is not only full of hot guys, but it also has a good lesson about coming to your senses (but it wouldn't be Full House if it didn't have a lesson, right?! LOL).

    Okay, enough of the gushy stuff...they real summing up! All I need are three words...and those three words would be: HOT HOT HOT
  • Jesse's friend Pete comes to visit him...

    Just as soon as Danny and Rebecca leaves the house for the weekend, Jesse's friend Pete comes to visit him, so they could hang out like the old days. Jesse was really glad that they'd get to hang out again, but the girls didn't really care a lot.

    In the first half of the episode, Michelle frequently complained, "The doggy ate my ouce cream!" (she couldn't pronounce "ice" well.), which added more entertainment to this episode.

    Since Danny isn't home, Jesse and Pete turned the house into a nightclub and their entire band came to their houseto celebrate. Then, near the end of the party, Pete thought that Jesse wasn't as brave as he was years ago, so Jesse tried to repeat the dangerous stunt he did 7 years ago. Watch this episode to find out whether he does the stunt. Another excellent episode.
  • The doggie ate my ouse cream!

    Dr. Dare Rides Again was a good episode. It was funny, but it wasn't my favorite. What I loved the most about this episode was when Michelle said, The doggie ate my ouse cream! lol That is so funny. Jesse's old friend, Pete, comes to visit him and they throw a party late at night about their house while Danny and Becky are away. When they get home, Danny is mad. Pete reminds everyone about Jesse's old nickname, Dr. Dare. They watch a video from a long time ago with Jesse riding his motorcycle on the ledge of a building. He wants to do it again to prove to everyone that he is still Dr. Dare, but then he doesn't do it.
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