Full House

Season 3 Episode 9

Dr. Dare Rides Again

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 1989 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Comet ate Michelle's ice cream, which had chocolate, and how come he did not feel queasy if chocolate is very toxic for dogs?

    • If Michelle was so upset about the dog eating her ice cream, why wouldn't Jesse or Joey just scoop up a new bowl for her?

  • Quotes

    • Pete: (in an old video from '83, when Jesse does the dare of his life) The doctor is about to operate!
      Jesse: Aren't you a little overdramatic there?
      Pete: Not if you die.
      Jesse: Hey, look, I was dared, so I'm gonna do it.
      Girl next to him: Not without a kiss for luck first.
      Jesse: Have mercy.
      Pete: (so annoyed by their good-luck kiss, covers the camera lens with his right hand) Aw, don't waste tape on this. This is disgusting!

    • Pete: I gotta hit the road.
      Jesse: I gotta hit the sack. I have to get up early tomorrow and take Stephanie's class to the fire station. Really living on the edge, huh?
      Pete: Look, as far as tonight goes......you didn't chicken out. You just came to your senses.
      Jesse: Yeah. Dr. Sensible. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?
      Pete: Hey, Jesse, maybe the guy I came back here looking for isn't the same guy anymore, but so what? I like this guy too, you know? And I'll tell you something else. You've got a pretty good thing going here.

  • Notes

    • First (and only) appearance of Jesse's old friend Pete Biaco, and absolutely ONLY appearance of Jesse's ex-girlfriend Donna, neither of whom are ever seen or alluded to ever, ever again.

    • It was the episode they finally named their puppy Comet.

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