Full House

Season 5 Episode 13

Easy Rider

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 1991 on ABC

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  • Riding a bicycle just couldn't get any more funner...

    Riding a bicycle just couldn't get any more funner, sarcastically. This episode's pretty much just a waste of time. When Michelle got teased in school, Joey nicely tried to teach Michelle how to ride a two-wheeler, but all he got was an angry, stubborn little Michelle ignoring him at all costs, just because she herself lost balanced and fell into the bush. The storyline of Jesse and Becky, with the twins, preparing a trip to Aunt Ida's wasn't any better. It was very silly when Jesse and Becky got out nearly everything from their entire wardrobe for only one day's trip. I'm not sure what other epopel think about this episode, but for me, this episode is definitely boring.
  • Spontanious

    I really liked this episode it really showed how parents can be overwhelmed by being new parents. The exhaustion and the lack of sleep. It was really nice of the girls and Joey to try to give Jesse and Becky some time alone. But instead of a romantic dinner. They took a long needed nap.
    When Joey takes out Michelle to learn to ride a two wheeler and she falls and and doesn't trust Joey any longer, Its a long process to have Michelle trust Joey again.
  • Riding a bicycle is just like riding a bicycle, once you learn how you never forget

    Michelle wants to learn to ride - you'd think Joey would be great at it. But, nobody can help once there's a crash, in Michelle's case. She won't even trust the moose (Bullwinkle.) D.J. and Stephanie show how they have probably always tried to help Michelle,b ut this time it doesn't work. Finally, she's willing to try againa nd does well. BTW, if she's allowed out, that shows - unless her punishment was no dessert for a couple weeks - that she wasn't even grounded for sneaking out.