Full House

Season 6 Episode 6

Educating Jesse

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 1992 on ABC

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  • DJ and Kimmy are running a "Don't Drop Out of School" campaign. They ask Jesse if he would like to help, but makes up an excuse. We find out that he was a high school drop-out.

    In the beginning of the episode, DJ and Kimmy are asking Joey if he would like to join there "Don't Drop Out of School" campaign. He agrees to it and DJ asks her Uncle Jesse if he would like to help out in ther campaign. Jesse gives an excuse that he has to paint the driveway and runs upstairs quickly. The rest of the family get together and discuss why Jesse wouldn't want to help out. It wasn't like him to blowoff something like this. When Jesse comes down for dinner, everyone is staring at him and he asks what's wrong. When he tries to escape from the pressure, everyone in the family blocks everyone entrance in the kitchen so he would tell them why. Jesse then confesses that he was a high school dropout. After, he decides to go back to school and once that didn't work out again, he goes home, tells Becky that Nicky and Alex can color in his school notebooks and runs upstairs. He finds Michelle throwing away all the shoes with the laces. After there little talk, Jesse decides to go back to school and Michelle decides to give the shoe laces another chance. This episode is very revealing and the message here is to not give up and keep trying over and over again until you succeed.
  • Remember when Jesse was in his 10th year high school reunion? With his ex-girlfriend? How does this episode fit?

    I dont get it? I thought he actually graguated high school? It doen't make sence at all! It throughs off the image of the show? what were they thinking. This episode made no-sence at ALL! Gave no meaning since like the 3rd season he was AT his reunion! It's just some pointless excuse to show kids the importance to stay in school.
  • Totally silly. What were the writers thinking?

    It seems that the writers must have amnesia. In this episode, he reveals that he did not graduate and that he was a high school dropout. In earlier years, he mentioned his high school graduation, and he even had a high school reunion where he went back in time and remembered that he was graduating the next day when he rode his motorcyle into the gym. So is Jessie leading a double life? Then again, he did change his name from Jessie Cochran to Katsapolis. It must be that he is covertly hiding from the feds due to some taxation issues. So he has re-invented his identity. He was once a hard core rock'n'roller but then he later started singing soft melodies. He went from Dr. Dare to Dr. Seuss as scott baio told him in a previous episode.
  • Arthur Fonzarelli the Second

    They made him mature like the Fonz, now they've got him getting a GED like the Fonz. It's a great episode to show you're never too old to go back and finish, and tht you shouldn't give up just because something's hard. English was obviously very hard for Jesse, and he wanted to drop out yet again, but he stuck to it.
  • around the tree and through the hole.

    This was an average episode. It was reaveling about Jesse and not graduating though in an upcoming episode they show Jesse with a girl on a motorcycle the day before his graduation. Its was a point episode. Never give up trying. It worked for Michelle. The inconsistanties are what makes it hard to watch and believe.
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