Full House

Season 2 Episode 17

El Problema Grande de D.J.

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 1989 on ABC

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  • superb

    DJ is upset because her Spanish grade is considerably lower than all her other grades, so she gets Danny to talk to her Spanish teacher, which may not be the best idea when Danny and the teacher develop feelings for each other. Uh-oh.

    Good episode. I've definitely been in the boat where one of my grades is lower than the rest. And the lesson about trying hard and never giving up. I've actually watched this episode just so I can get that moral, in times when I am getting a bad grade and I just want to give up because the work is too hard. Good moral and good plot get this a B+/A- for a grade
  • Danny falls in love with D.J spanish teacher.

    For the first time ever Kimmy got an good grade.D.J did not so well in spanish.Danny decides to go and talked to D.J's teacher.She explains that D.J needs help on stuff.When she comes over to the house to help on getting d.j to practice them at home.It ends in romance.When Danny kissed her.Which got D.j upset that he was making out with her spanish teacher and was supporting her.

    This was an average episode I mean it was ok but not too great.
  • above average.worth while watching.

    this is a pretty good episode.worth while watching.it's not the best full house episode though in my opinion no reason i'd just prefer other eps.good message to parents on how they should be in control of what they do because that's there job as a parent.also had funny parts.i rate this episode about 9 and a half.so that's pretty good when you think about it.
  • Good development w/D.J., but...

    They didn't need Danny kissing the teacher. That was just trying to, I don't know, making him seem lke Jesse or something? :-) Anyway, they do show a very good portrayal of a child who struggles at something for the first time after being really good at everything else. I guess the first few periods of Spanish weren't too hard or something, either - unless she just had this for 1 semester. This is her last semester at school with STephanie, and w/her going into Junior High next year, it's bound to start sometime, he having to work extra hard. But, that's a compelling enough thing without Danny and the teacher kissing.
  • okay is a kiss just a kiss?

    okay is a kiss just a kiss? This episode was so out of line. Danny should have known how inappropriate it would be to be kissing DJ's teacher. Come on what parent would do that out in the open in his own home. Knowing the kids could walk in any time. Also when he goes into the closet at school instead of out the door. Not a bright man. I was dissapointed in this episode.