Full House

Season 5 Episode 23

Five's a Crowd

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 1992 on ABC

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  • And the winner is

    I liked this episode because it showed many different aspects of the roles of the Tanners. One is the way Danny reacts to what he finds out about who DJ is going out with. Jesse sees things from his own past that makes him freak out about who DJ is out with. They should have trusted DJ's judgement.
    I was sorry to see WUS lost again. They should have won.
  • Jesse, Becky, Danny, and Joey then start preparing to go to a local awards ceremony where "Wake Up, San Francisco" and "Ranger Joe" have been nominated. Danny is bothered that "Wake Up, San Francisco" gets beat every year. Pete takes D.J. to a drive-in mo

    Why The Heck was DJ with that boy anyway
    shame shame! gosh i can`t believe s h e w o u l d g o o u t w i t h a g u y l i k e j e s s i e!!! o w e l l! ! !
  • Never trust Kimmy with children under 2.5.

    At least when the men have trouble handling raising a teenage daughter, it's usually original. This time, the men try to watch D.J. on a date by spying on their van. Meanwhile, Stephanie babysits the twins - well,Kimmy babysits all four of the younger kids, but Steph gets all her pay b/c Kimmy doens't do diapers or anything else. It's unlikely Michelle would spend the whole time playing with Comet but it's possible, and Kimmy's laziness means she might have played w/Michelle some, too - she did well with kids 3 and over, like in "Fratnerity Reunion," but doesn't do well with kids that have to be dfed, diapered, bathed, etc.