Full House

Season 2 Episode 12

Fogged In

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 1989 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The reason D.J. does not get any punishment is because of the following:
      1. Jesse should never have left the tape with his jingle unattended in his room. He should have stashed it into his closet and/or submitted it to the advertisers immediately after finishing it.
      2. D.J. did not expect the tape would have anything recorded on it.
      3. Nobody even told D.J. that Jesse and Joey made a jingle in the first place.

    • Although Danny and Jesse let D.J. keep her drum set, she hasn't played them since.

  • Quotes

    • Cheryl: Come on, Joey. We'd better get to Tahoe.
      Nick: Better hurry up. The fog is really getting thick.
      Cheryl: How thick is it?
      Joey: Well, I don't wanna say it's as thick as pea soup, but people are throwin' croutons out their windows.
      (Jesse does a rim shot)

    • Danny: What happened?
      Jesse: Aw, they messed up my jingle tape. Joey's goin' away. I'm gonna hafta do this whole thing over again.
      Danny: Don'tcha think you're overreacting?
      Jesse: Overreacting? You think I'm overreacting?! I'm not overreacting! Okay?! I had this all worked out! I spent the whole night doin' it! Now my whole life is ruined! Okay. Now, I'm overreacting.
      Danny: Jess, ya lost your temper again. Huh?
      Jesse: Well, she shouldn't be in here-- (sighs) Ah, I'm just tired. I lost my cool. I did come down on her pretty hard. Didn't I? She'll be okay?
      Danny: I think you better straighten this out.
      Jesse: Yeah. All right. I know just how to handle this.
      Danny: Good. Jesse?
      Jesse: Huh?
      Danny: D'you need a hug?
      Jesse: Haven't I been through enough?

    • Jesse: Now, D.J., this is my room, and you have no right bein' in here without my permission.
      D.J.: But I...
      Jesse: I don't wanna hear any butts.
      D.J.: But it was an acc--
      Jesse: What did I just say?! Now, how much sense does it take to check a tape before you record over it?! Now, why don't you guys both get outta here before I get mad?!

    • (Jesse enters his room where D.J. and Kimmy are recording their own version of "The Locomotion")
      Jesse: What are you doing?
      D.J.: The Locomotion.
      (Jesse looks closely at the tape)
      Jesse: Where'd you get this tape?
      D.J.: It was in there.
      Jesse: Oh, no. (rewinds the tape) Please, tell me you didn't tape over my Casa de Pancakes jingle.
      (after he's finished rewinding, he plays the recording on the tape of D.J. and Kimmy singing, then to the end of...)
      Jesse and Joey: (on recording) Casa de Pancakes. OLE!
      (Jesse disappointedly stops the tape)
      Jesse: I can't believe it! It's gone! You guys destroyed it! Now I'm gonna hafta do the whole thing over again.

    • (Nick finds Irene in bed with Joey)
      Nick: First college, now THIS?!

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