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Full House Chronology and encouraging signs

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    First, the chronology I posted about once will be online, but it covers many things in a realistic way, and I think can gain enough acceptance that much of it - like the story behind Jesse faking his graduation and all the trouble it caused - is good enough to be considered canon. It also covers much after the series, too, and answers questions many have had. I'll post links in a bit. It'll have book stuff, too, along with filling many things in between episodes, etc.

    Now, for the encouraging sights - you may wonder what I mean. Well, let me gladly say that the encouraging sights are *you*, the denizens of tv.com on this board.

    See, there's a discussion on the Rugrats forum about how so many people call the show names and just in general how many people think anything wholesome is childish anymore. I expressed the comment that fans of Rugrats might do well to tone down some of their attacks on certain things, like new characters, because it gives those who have never seen it more fodder; that it was okay to disagree but not to make it like it was positively dreadful because of tone aspect or another.

    Well, I have noticed on this site since I got my new computer after a few weeks that the amount of total bashing has gone down. The "Nicky and Alex was a mistake" thread is a perfect example. Nobody is posting about hating the show or anything because of it. It's a polite discussion where yes, some poeple are stating that including twins like that was a mistake. However, it's not providing any cannon fodder for those who might hate the show. Any first time viewer - or never viewed-er :-) - could come into that thread, and say, "You know, that's an interesting debate. I think I'll see what it's about by watching a few episodes."

    I left a couple boards, notably full-house.org, because some attacks on characters were becoming positively vitriolic. (bitter hatred, for those who don't care to look it up.) I understand that some may have deep feelings about things, but for the sake of those who've never seen it, real fans should not be making a show sound like the worst thing ever put on TV.

    And, maybe that's why I've put out my Chronology - or at least I will in a few weeks be e-mailing it to a few groups. (I can't figure out how to do web pages.) Because I would rather clear up questions and develop ideas for between scenes rather than just complain; providing explanations rather than making attacks.

    I'm glad to see that others on this board are doing the same. It makes me feel good about the direction the show may be going to see fans supporting it and focusing on the positive aspects, and just politely discussing negatives.
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    I agree with you. These forums are good that way. It's also negative in spots on IMDb.
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    I think I;ve seen it - its really good
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    too long... sorry, didn't have really time to read it... ;(
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