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Michelle and memorizing(numbers, definitions like forgiveness, etc.), schoolwork

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    I was having a discussion with some poeple about whether Michelle might have been slow in learning. I think her main problem was the Jesse-like attitude, becasue I think she was actually pretty sharp on some things, when she wanted to learn, just like her sisters.

     She could count to 100 at age 4. She had to start over that one time, but it was still rote to her - she had to do the whole thing, something normal for 4YOs. With some things, like learning to tell time, she hadn't done that by "Kissing Cousins," but I had a cousin who was the same way. Why? Because he figured someone could always tell himt he time, just like he didn't want to learn to read at first because somebody could always read to him. (Our grandma got his baby sister a book that was specifically for him to read to her - that's how he started reading.)

    Memorizing other things seemed to come easy, too. She was almost certainly repeating a definition of forgiveness learned in Sunday School in season 8. (The same one Steph went to where sxhe learned about God and was able to pray for Mr. Bear's return, and where Kimmy baked the strudels in the shape of the Wise men.) it's not something most 8YOs say off the top of their heads, but I know children, admittedly in churchmore often , who can recite things like Psalm 23 verbatim, at a slightly younger age. I'm not surprised that Michelle, at 8, was able to memorize something, like that, though it would have been nice to have her say, "I learned that in Sunday School." (But would that have taken away from the scene? The cool part was, Michelle *was* apologetic, and didn't make the twins apologize, too.)

    Michelle was actually at her age level, I think, in school - but maybe a touch below her grade level. The cutoff date where children can go to Kindergarten if they're 5 before that date is December 2nd! That is really late.

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    2 long.
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