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Michelle's worst behavior and how D.J. reacted, punished

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    Imagine a 6YO who's a bit wild anyway, like a femaleshed Dennis the Menace, who did something she knew she wasn't allowed to and didn't like being punished, though she knew she dserved it.

    Suddenly, she's told her playing tag in a museum and breaking a priceless dinosaur was an accident. Her dad lets her off the hook. Not only that, he promises *fewer* rules if she just lets him know he's making too many.

    it's a recipe for disaster, and it's why this was Michelle's worst stretch. And yet, she's very well behaved in seasons 7 and 8, and obedient. She has a bit of an attitude, but nothing more than most kids with an inconsistent dad and an older sister who had to discipline.

    There's another sign, too. Steph comlpains about Michelle "getting her way" when Steph has to eat the nut clusters. Most feel Michelle did have trouble keeping them down. that would be cruel and normally unlike Stephanie to be upset; she would care about her little sister. *However*, after the dinosaur, this makes a lot of sense; Michelle would be testing so much and getting away with so much, knowing how to push Danny's buttons, by Disneyworld, that Steph would be very upset.

    So, how does the behavior improve? Danny would ground her for several weeks, no friends over or TV, or even phone, possibly, considering her bossiness, too, though that might be D.J.'s part in punishing.

    But, Michelle would still be very wild. She'd keep trying to push the limits. I don't think D.J. spanked - remember, Michelle is sensitive enough, as I said before, being held down and given light slaps thta only hurt her feelings wuld be enough. Just the idea of getting spanked would be scary to her.

    But, there's another punishment D.J. probably used, that would be even better to end this mischief. Since Disneyworld is certainly in February (anniversary, school & not summer vacation, etc.) with other episode sboefre, and since Danny promsied not to make the others do spring cleaning, D.J. could make Michelle do al lthe spring cleanign with Danny as punishment.

    Spring cleaning would do a couple things. it would help her to see just how wild she's been, it would be done over a few weeks so it lasts, as that's too much to have her do all at once, and it also helps her draw closer to Danny, which maybe helps her to understand why he gets the way he does, and how it's really hurting him when she takes advantage of him like she had been. This is what makes her obey him so well later, I think; that and the fact she knows D.J. says to.

    Some may feel Michelle got one of D.J.'s light "spankings." It's even possible, as I said earlier, that because Michelle likely knows it's possible by the episode with the chimp, that D.J. did it to her soon before the wedding. However, that's doubtful. If D.J. did that, I think Michele would recall it enough, since it would be so unusual, that she wouldn't test as much after the dinosaur, thus Steph wouldn't be as upset at her. (It is, of course, possible that she does a little, and D.J. planned to remind her when she was going to talk to her at Disneyworld - and she doens't test any afterword, of course.)

    However, it seems that this is the most logical way that it got handled by D.J.. I think Pam probably had talked to Danny about how to handle a Jesse-type kid. And, i think D.J. knew or came up with the idea.

    But, I also think that Michelle's heart is still tender and sensitive enough that a long, heart to heart talk with D.J. about it, and careful watching, would prevent D.J. from ever having to do it. And, I think doing the spring cleaning with Danny over several weekends, especially while she's grounded, is a very effective punishment that probably explains why she is suddenly as good as she is in seasons 7 and 8, though of course not perfect.

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    Michelle's worst behvaiour was in Crimes and Michelle's demeanor.. I GUESS!
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