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"Room for One more" and early potty training

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    A news piece on the radio this morning got me to thinking - while their vocabulary may have been made a bit more understandable (as in "Look Who's Talking" :- ), Nicky and Alex potty training at age one may *not* have been a mistake, as I thought.

    It seems there's a growing number of people who say potty training can at least start that early - or earlier! It's a shock in Ameircan culture, but many in other countries do train that early. Admittedly, this was 1993, but this was California, too, where all sort of stuff is done.

    All it would take is one guest on the show discussing it, and Jesse's impatient enough at times he might just try it. He'd have spend time making some swishing noises and trying to encourage it, but it could happent hta he went that once. Becky's shock is apparent in "Room For One More," after all; perhaps she reacted the same way on "Wake Up, San Francisco."

    Now, I still think my theory holds about them timing Nicky and Alex's development to coincide with Blake and Dylan's. However, they at least had some foundation to build on when they decided to mention that. Although, it would have been nice to hear that that's why.

    As noted elsewhere, though, writers using information not known to the viewing public was a problem. Not only the stage name stuff with musicians, but the whole potty training with Michelle, how it's almost always a false start at first. They knew child development, and that it was no mistake at all for a cihld to be started ont he potty once, then still doing it months later. But, the general public doesn't often think of that. (Though D.J.'s line about housebreaking a dog - "So was Michelle (tough to train) but we kept her" is a clue.)

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    thats cool
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