Full House

Season 4 Episode 20

Fuller House

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 1991 on ABC

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  • Jumps The Shark

    This is the beginning of when Full House Jumps The Shark where Michelle becomes the main character and the others become supporting cast members. Although it is a very touching episode it is baseless in reality. The Tanner house belongs in the world of Harry Potter because it keeps getting larger.
  • This episode is very very good. A personal favorite of mine.

    I absolutely love this episode. It gives a great example for all little kids. Michelle (mary-kate olsen, ashley olsen) did a very good job in this episode!! They showed their best acting skills. After I saw this episode I almost cried! The chemistry between, John Stamos and Ashley Olsen Or Mary-Kate (whoever did that scene) was excellent! This episode really shows both of the actors' talent. When that one tear came out...I was speechless. Great Job!! This is one of my top ten episodes of full house! The best! this is my number 2! The show really hit it big. I think this is a great strat out for young actors because to cry is very difficult on set. Im speechless! Great JoB!
  • Very sad, but funny!

    Fuller House was very sad at times, but it was also funny! This is one of my favorite episodes in the whole series! Michelle doesn't fully understand why Jesse has to move out. Jesse knows its something he has to do, but misses his family very much. Becky can see how hurt Jesse is, so she devises a plan with Danny to resolve the issue. That was the summary for this episode. The sad part was when Michelle and Jesse had a talk in Michelle's room. At night, Jesse tells everyone that Jesse and Becky will now live in their attic.
  • Uncle Jesse is going to move out now that he and Becky are married!! So sad!

    Oh my gosh, this was a terrific episode! it made me sob even though I hardly ever cry. The saddest part, I have to say is when Uncle Jesse is saying his goodbyes to Michelle and she gives him her most prized possession; her pig; and he gives her his pink bunny from his wall. That didn't make me cry, but when Jesse went into the hall and said goodbye, he and Michelle both started to cry, which made me cry too! WAAAA!! Really great episode, especially the plot! Michelle was sooo great in that one scene and I really enjoyed this episode, but it was sad too!!
  • Jessie is moving out of the tanner family but this episode is one emotional episode.

    Jessie and Rebecca has finally returned back from their honeymoon.This got everyone excited.Also it means that Jessie is going to move in with Rebecca.Misunderstood Michelle thinks that everyone is moving to her house.So all excited she went off to go pack.Stephaine begin to learn some fraction.Few flashback memories of when Jessie first moved in the house was remembered.Finally Michelle begin to relized that Jessie would no longered be in the house and as an part of the house.

    Seriously this one sad episode.It made me really cry.I cried in one scene when Michelle was crying and Jessie was too.This was one of my favorite episode.
  • The separation anxiety that many young children experience hits little Michelle when her beloved Uncle Jesse considers moving in with his new wife.

    I have watched this episode a good 10 times, and most likely more (in fact, I\'ve seen every Full House episode hundreds of times!) and this episode has always stood out as a very special one.

    Now that Jesse is married and home from his honeymoon, the inevitable arrives: he has chosen to move to Becky\'s house. Michelle takes the news harder than anyone else and prompts Jesse to reconsider what he is doing.

    This episode was a very impressive showcase for little Mary-Kate Olsen, who stepped in as Michelle for the emotional scene with Jesse. While both Olsen twins were truly adorable and charming, especially at this age, Mary-Kate always seemed to have a more natural ability to emote in front of the camera, and she hit it right on the nail here. Your heart breaks right along with her, and it is very sweet to see that undeniable chemistry between the Olsen girls and John Stamos.
  • One of the best Full House episodes ever.

    I loved this episode. It was really sad though. The sad scene was when Michelle and Uncle Jesse were saying good bye to each other and then Michelle gave him her favorite stuffed animal and he gave her a pink bunny. It was an awesome episode. It sucks that the show had to be cancelled. I loved this show and I used to watch it every night when it was on for an hour. Now its only on for thirty minutes a day. I have seen so many episodes but this has to be one of the best. If I was Uncle Jesse I wouldn't want to move out on DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Joey, and Danny. That would be a hard think to do since they have been together for so long. My favorite part in this episode was were it showed the flashbacks of Uncle Jesse and Michelle together. I loved this episode!!
  • Michelle is a BABY.

    Is it just me, or does Jesse act like Michelle is his favorite niece and he hates the rest? She's a brat and a horrible child. Michelle made everything harder on everyone just because she wanted Uncle Jesse to move back in. She's gotta grow up and Jesse has to learn there's more to life than POOR LITTLE Michelle. When I saw this, I thought, OH COME ON! This is completely pointless.
  • This was such a sad episode!

    I actually cried when Jesse was about to leave Michelle and they exchanged gifts. Ahh, I remember that vividly, Jesse gave Michelle his pink bunny and Michelle gave Jesse her pig...which she later gave to Teddy when he moved. It was such a sad episode, as I will say again!
  • This is my favorite episode of the series. This episode was sad and then happy. You have to watch this episode. You'll cry and then smile.

    It was sad when Jesse and Rebecca were going to move and did move. I felt like crying when Michelle and Jesse started to tear. It was so sad and well written. It was a great episode. I was so happy when Jesse and Rebecca decided to move into the attic. This episode If you hate it, you don't know television. It also has a memory of when Jesse first moved into Danny's house.
  • This episode was a joy to watch.

    I love this episode and infact, it is one of my favorites. I like how Joey and Jessie are rebuilding the attick to make it an apartment. The funniest part of the episode was when Joey asks Jessie if he is really stuck. Jessie says yes and joey does to him what he has always wanted to to do. He messas up Jessie's hair. We also learn that Jessie has no building experties which will be played out later in an episoode where he and Joey get stuck in a garage. This episode was very good. I give it a 8.6.
  • Pig and tears and more

    This was another incredible episode. a real tear jerker. When Michelle went to her room and packed her stuff thats when the tears started and kept on going right up to the end of the show. The scene between Michelle and Jesse when he was saying goodbye was extremely well written. The ending was a happy one however. It was nice to see that.
  • Michelle's losing her "emotional mother"

    For years, Jesse's been the only one Michelle knows to get her up int he morning, to play with her, to teach her & help her get dressed, to change her diapers. Jesse was her mother figure. It's like a divorce to her, b/c they just never bothered to transition her away from him. Had D.J. started, it could have been done fromt he start of the season. If Jesse's int he attic fromt he start, D.J.'s the same level of emotional mother, almost. She can leave for 2 months to Spain, but this is forever. Thankfully, in the end, they move back in. I guess in the books, it the thought of cheap housing that makes them stay :-) (Yes, the book universe shows he was inthe attic fromt eh start, there's always been an office int he 4th bedroom.)
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