Full House

Season 4 Episode 24

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 1991 on ABC

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  • You need to do your homework first before you hang out with your friends and don't have friends over when you are babysitting

    D.J. wants to meet Ryan at the house where Kimmy is babysitting Aaron at, but Danny tells her that she needs to stay home and do her homework. Michelle starts playing tricks Stephanie and than Danny. D.J. disobeys Danny by going to the house where Kimmy is babysitting. D.J. tells Aaron that he can stay up late and watch a movie in his parents bedroom. Danny, Jesse and Joey play in their office. Danny is really good at pool. Jesse thinks that he can beat Danny at something, but he fails. Later D.J. comes home and she gets caught by her family. She is sent to her home and Becky has a talk with her. My lesson to you is that you do your homework before you hang with your friends and don't invite any friends over when you're babysitting.
  • Rack em up boys

    This was a very funn episode. I thought that the pool table scene when Jesse finally lets Danny play and Danny went to college on a pool scholarship and he beat the pants off Jesse was hysterical. Also Jesse's obsession on beating Danny was very funny as well.
    The who Becky DJ scene was well written as well. Its was hard for DK to remember the Becky was now her aunt and had to be adult with her and not just her friend.
  • Stephanie, too, helps teach michelle

    D.J. acts like numerous teens do at some point, trying to get aroudn the rules. Being less responsible as a role model for her sisters, she decides it's okay to try and take advantage of Becky some, as she did Joey earlier. The format for that one's good, and so is Stephanie teachign Michelle a lesson about lying. BTW, Michelle earlier won't lie, but int hat episode she's telling Rusty she won't lie about who did something - the kinds she's doing here are more tricks, so it's not the same thing. In fact, at age 4, Michelle would insist they weren't - she still would think of truth in kind of hazy terms, till steph comes up with a great way to teach her it's wrong, by tricking her. The men weren't always that responsible, but thankfully D.J. and Stephanie often were