Full House

Season 4 Episode 5

Good News, Bad News

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 1990 on ABC

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  • Jesse and Joey have just started their own advertizing business. Danny and Rebecca offer to let them do a commercial for Wake Up San Francisco. The bad news, they accept.

    Lots of things happen in this epidode. It is a great episode for every one to watch. It is funny, well written, deep, and not to mention totally histerical. This episode definatly shows why I am addicted to this series. Jesse and Joey have just started their add buisness and Danny offers to let them do a commercial for Wake Up San Francisco. Jesse and Joey accept but the commercial leads to fighting when Rebecca and Danny disagree. Meanwhile, D.J. has just became editor of her school newspaper and Kimmy expects that she will give her a job. Unfortunatly the only job left is Sports Editor. Kimmy accepts but when D.J. reads Kimmy's article and asks her to rewrite it Kimmy refuses and D.J. is forced to fire her best friend. This is a very deep yet hilarious episode and definatly a must see episode for all Full House lovers.
  • End the lifelong friendship? Again!

    While the DJ and Kimmy hate each other plot is recycled from Season 2, freinds do tend to get that way, though I think the urge usually passes by high school. However, there are many jokes in the world about women ending friendships with women over the slightest, dumbest things, and I have to assume there is a base in reality.

    On the plus side we see Double J's foray into their own world of advertising. They're very lucky to have Danny around it seems. It just too bad JJ only last till the beginning of Season 5 before they move on to other things.

    It's also fun to see Danny and Rebecca go through a little tiff. Working together that closely for so long now (about 2 years?) means there HAS to be SOME tension, and it's good to see it explode, even if only briefly.

    Frankly, the lowend of the show was actually Michelle and Stephanie. Shadowgames, while an annoying bit of little kid reality, gets really annoying really fast. Worse, when Stephanie manages to flub Michelle up a couple times, she just ignores it and continues the game, even though she should have "lost".
  • people as pop tarts

    I just thought this was a very silly episode. Danny and Becky popping up and down like poptarts. Danny and Jesse fighting over the commercial. Actors don't fight with the writers they just do what the script says.
    Kimmy and DJ doing battle over the paper was okay to watch but the fight got way out of hand. This whole episode was just silly all in all.
  • Cool D.J./Kimmy story

    As withTanner vs. Gibbler, this shows the trials of friendship at times in Junior HIgh/MIddle School. We also get great info on these best friends, including that Kimmy and she went on a ride and D.J. threw up or something in 3rd grade. So, they knew each other before the series, before Kimmy moved in, and likely that was the start of their going from friends to best friends. Kimmy goes a little overboard here but maybe not too much given her weirdness. Michelle's also very funny here, and it's great how int he end Stephanie makes Kimmy play echo with her.