Full House

Season 2 Episode 18

Goodbye, Mr. Bear

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 1989 on ABC

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  • does stephanie love mr bear yes,she does she loves him beary much

    cute and funny episode 10/10 but i like 'a little romance'better.i think it's sweet how much stephanie cares about mr bear.it shows how much kids really do care about stuffed animals and other toys.it also shows the sweetness of how it felt so special to her because her mom got it for her when she was little.it was also very funny in parts like when stephanie called the police!also what happened in the ending but i won't spoil it for the people who havn't watched the episode yet.
  • One of the best

    They portray the loss of Pam so well. It would be enough if they just mentioned her, almost no other show w/a widower ever gives us information about the mom or mentions her, even! But they do so much more here, without Pam Tanner being mentioned in every episode she's still a real member of the cast. How they talk about her and reminisce here, what Mr. Bear means, and everything are just so beautiful.
  • perfect

    Stephanie is worried she has lost Mr. Bear, and Joey thinks he knows what happened; he thinks he mistakenly put Mr. Bear in a box to be donated away. We later learn (in one of the most emotional moments in the show), how Stephanie got Mr. Bear, and why Mr. Bear means so much to her. Then, we find out Michelle had hid Mr. Bear.

    Good episode. The ending is probably one of my favorite endings in the show, it is just really emotional. The whole episode had a good balance of humor, and sweet emotion, and was handled well. This episode gets an A+ from me
  • This is such a sweet, emotional episode.

    I cry every time I watch this episode. Who would have thought that a lost stuffed animal would make for such a good setup to a story? This is definitely one of my top five favorite Full House episodes. Pam seems like such a wonderful mom, and you can just feel with the family as they remember her. I don't normally cry while watching TV, but anytime Full House mentions Pam's death I get choked up. She's mentioned throughout the show and you can just feel the family's loss. I'm usually not such a sucker for cheesy sitcoms, but I really do think this episode is worth watching.
  • Goodbye Mr.Bear

    During Danny's usual house cleaning routine.Stephine loses Mr.Bear.That was right after Joey and D.J was working on putting the toys in the bag to give away.But later on when Stephine loses Mr.Bear thinking that she couldn't find him.Joey comes to the thought that he might've gave Mr.Bear away.Also D.J reveals about her old friend which is an pillow toy that she lost.Unfortunelly Stephine hid that toy.She blames Joey,for losing her friend.Everyone tries to cheer up Stephine with buying an new bear.She also claims that the Mr.Bear also reminded him of her mom.Before she passed away.Michelle didn't know her mom.It was an tearjerker when they were watching the home videos of their mother before she passed away.It made me cry.Than Michelle appears holding Mr.Bear apparently she hid it.

    Yeah there is an pattern that Stephine hides D.J favorite toy and Michelle hids Stephine Mr.Bear.
  • Poor Mr. Bear

    This was one of the best episodes I have seen in the series. It was so full of emotion. Mr. Bear being lost. Talking and remember the girls mother and how much they miss her. Watching the video's and how sad they were to see. Michelle doesn't even have the advantage like Steph and DJ do of the memories of their mom. We find out why Mr. Bear was so important to Steph. The talk they have about remembering their mom in their hearts. Just a great episode.