Full House

Season 5 Episode 8

Gotta Dance

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 1991 on ABC

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  • You don't have to be the best to be special

    Stephanie's a great dancer - very athletic, she plays baseball, too, and many other things. It's easy to see how Danny falls for the teptation to push her too hard. But,t ht puts a lot of pressure on a kid, and they don't need tht - they need supported so they can do whtever they want. Stephanie misses everyone so much, and so she's allowed to just go back tot he way it was, doing it for fun. Meanwhile, a cute baby shower, and we see again that - like Stephanie praying for Mr. bear's safe return - a little more of the girls' activities int he 99% of time we don't see them. They at least get to church some, as Michelle prays "what do I do" when wondering if she shoudl spill the secret. The scene & her lines afterward - "The man had ice cream" were greaat.
  • I liked this episode.

    Actually I still like this episode. I dance. Only at the recreation center though. For one week though I dance where the aspiring stars dance. I liked it but not as much as just dancing a little bit less at the recreation center. It was a good experience but a little too much. I know what Stephanie must have been going through. Her dad, unlike mine, got caught up in the magic and stardom. I am glad that the experience did not make Stephanie want to quite forever, just not do as much. I liked the hip-hop dance the girls did on stage. It was good.
  • Stephanie is excited about her dancing,but when she starts thinking about wasting her life with it,she messes the whole thing up.Meanwhile, Becky throws a baby shower,and makes Jesse come to it.

    I think this was a great episode.I liked the performance at the end,and when Jesse tried to get Michelle to tell the secret about the baby shower.It was funny and enjoyable.It was funny when Jesse was being sneaky,and it was funny when Danny had Stephanie star on broadway.Becky later finds out that Michelle told Jesse,and Jesse bribed Michelle ice cream.When Stephanie messes up on the stage,Danny goes talk to her.She tells him that she doesn't wanna take dance classes the whole summer.Then Danny decides that dancing will be part of Stephanie's life.I thought that was a lesson when they were talking to each other.
  • Stephaine pursue her dream of being an dancer and Becky is throwing an baby shower.

    Becky wants to thow an baby shower.But she knows that Jessie wont go for it.So she decided to keep it an surprise and kept it an secret only to tell Jessie its an party for their friends.Stephaine begin to begged her father,to enroll her into an dancing class.Which her dream was to dance.Danny remembered that he never got to accomplish his dream and decide that Stephaine to pursue her's.Stephaine enjoy her dream.However she feels left out missing the baby shower and all that stuff.

    Its an surprise how Michelle can't keep an secret.When Stephaine when she was younger couldn't keep it.
  • Dance till you drop

    This was another great episode. It showed how parents sometimes try to get their kids to fulfill their own dreams. Like Danny did in his dream sequence. I thought that the way the writers wrote Steph dancing off beat was a good way for her to show Danny she didn't want to dance all the time anymore.
    Men ususally don't go to baby showers anyway. Wedding showers usually not so for Baby showers. Becky was just wrong in what she did trying to trick Jesse.