Full House

Season 6 Episode 20

Grand Gift Auto

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 1993 on ABC

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  • Bye Bye car

    This was a filler episode in my opinion. Okay who wouldn't know they were buying a stolen car. As the ole saying goes if it looks to good to be true it usually is. How do you make up for giving somebody a car that has to be taken away cause its stolen. Joey moving out was a silly storyline. He claims he didn't know so why would he move out? Looks like they had run out of a story line for this one.
  • DJ's 16th birthday car is being towed away.

    This episode was kinda sad and shocking.It was when Joey got DJ a red car for her 16th birthday.Once DJ,Kimmy,and Steve get in the car,a police officer comes by.She asks who's car this is.Joey said that he bought it for her.Then the police officer told him that the car was stolen.That was shocking.Everybody gets in the house with their hands up.Joey says he didn't steal it.The woman asks for a pink slip to prove it,but he doesn't have one.Then he tried to describe the little lady who sold it to him.Jesse starts saying that the officer sees Joey as a grown man,but if you knew him... Everyone followed Jesse to Joey's room.They showed the officer the Scooby Doo T-shirt,and the turtle slippers.The officer decided not to take Joey in,but the car got towed away.How upsetting for DJ.Joey then thinks everyone was laughing at him all this time.Then everyone talks about what Joey means to the family.
  • an unbelieveable plot with hardly anything in the episode to justify it. overall, just an unrealistic episode.

    i first saw this episode years ago when i first started to watch full house. i was about 10 i believe so i never caught on to the plot holes and unsubtle nuances. but after viewing the episodes a few more times, now older and wiser, i can say without a doubt, that this episode was poorly executed and written.

    the whole premise and plot of the episode is fairly simple. it's D.J.'s birthday and Joey decides to buy D.J. a car for her 16th. let's skip to danny and jesse testing the car. now what kind of coincidence would it be that all these so called "problems" with the car suddenly pop up when danny and jesse are around? Jesse mentions that the battery is ten years old, but that would not cause smoke to pour from the engine bay. and what would gum hodl together on the vehicle? it wouldnt work any way you put it. thats just some nitpicks i had about that, i could easily overlook that. but heres where the plot goes south quick.

    a police officer comes to the house. how she is aware of the address and information if the "little old lady" didnt even have to title to the car, is beyond me. the police officer explains that the car is stolen. now if the car was stolen, why didnt the police arrest the "little old lady" at the bank? if the car was also stolen, why wouldnt the title be in the glove box where it is supposed to be?

    so further on in the episode, the family decides to try and convince the officer joey did not steal the car by showing the officer how goffy joey is. goofy or not, they would have to take him in for questioning right then and there, instead of letting him go for being a goof and letting him wait around for days or weeks for questioning. i guess anyone can get out of a crime if they just get their family to show them how goofy they are....

    so joey is not going to jail. then joey goes in a self loathing stage about how hes the family joke (well its not like hes in the family to begin with....) and runs away, as if he was hanging out with michelle for too long and mimicking her. they convince him to stay by the family showing him how he taught michelle to ride a bike and stephanie to regain her courage. the only saving points were danny (bob saget) being his corny self. at this point, michelle (the steve urkel of this series)was at her all time high at being annoying trying to make stupid remarks and trying to get a laugh from everyone. an overall painful episode.