Full House

Season 3 Episode 5

Granny Tanny

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 1989 on ABC

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  • Just around average...

    This episode is a fine episode in Full House, but it's not that good; the events that happened were often fairly boring. When their Grandma came to visit the house, Danny realized that she was upset about her retirement, and she had nothing to do, so Danny wanted Grandma Claire to stay at the Tanners' house. But Danny used a bad way to let her mother stay; by having the whole family to pretend that they needed Grandma to stay, which, in a way, was lying. But the truth is, that the family didn't need Grandma to stay, and Danny had to tell the truth. This episode is only about average because Danny isn't setting a good example for the kids.
  • Cute

    It definitely doesn't rank as one of the best episodes of the show but it was still an adorable episode to watch. Michelle was so cute when she was little (wonder what happened to her while she was growing up lol). I loved the scene where she wakes up Jesse in the morning. I also loved when she was jumping on the bed. I don't think the storyline was so great because it was very average and not very original. This episode was definitely more on the cute side then it was on the funny side. I mean they had funny lines here and there but it wasn't the best as I already mentioned.
  • Brussel sprouts anyone?

    This was a very unusual episode. First of all it was so out of character for Danny to lie and in front of the kids no less. What kind of example was that. Not to mention that he was hurting his mom by not being honest. By the time your Danny's age you should be able to talk openly and truthfully with your parents. It was a bad judgement call on Danny's part in this episode.
  • DAnny loved to clean before, he's just obsessed after Pam's death

    Since we don't see her again, and only hear her referred to a few more times, I don't see this as havinga lot of relevance. However, we do learn a few things about DAnny, and that's always interesting. Apparently it was despressiont ahat caused him not to want to clean in episode 4, which is common, and the writers figured that, too.
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