Full House

Season 4 Episode 1

Greek Week

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 1990 on ABC

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  • This was a great episode!

    I liked seeing Iorgos & Gina Katsopolis, Pam and Jesse's grandparents, in this episode. I was very surprised that Nick & Irene didn't appear in this episode. Iorgos & Gina were Nick's parents after all. But overall, it was nice seeing 4 generations of Katsopolis's through out the course of the show. Gina & Iorgos were both wonderful and loving people. They put their son, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren first before anything else. It would have been nice if they moved back to America. And have them be recurring regulars, just like their son and daughter-in-law, Nick & Irene. I really enjoyed this episode. Katsopolis, Tanner, and Donaldson families, rock on!
  • Walk around the table 3 times backwards and your divorced? Weird Pompadorian traditions are seen in this episode. Will Jesse ask Becky to marry him?

    This was a really great episode. This is probably one of my favorite episodes because Jesse's family from Greece came over to the United States to California to visit them. Jesse's former girlfriend, Elena then confesses that there married which makes it ten times better to watch because there's alot going around of jealousy and drama. lol

    Jesse's grandparents, Gina and Iorgos "Papouli" Katsopolis arrive for a visit from Greece, and they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their wedding. Gina and Papouli have brought three extra guests with them -- Melina, a young cousin who looks like Michelle, Silvio, a guy over D.J.'s age who sweeps D.J. off her feet, and Elena, one of Jesse's former girlfriends. Elena makes Becky jealous, especially when Elena tells Jesse that Elena and Jesse are still married after getting married in a so-called Pompadorian style ceremony -- which is to walk three laps around a table -- years ago, which is exactly what D.J. and Silvio have just done by walking three laps around the kitchen table, and seeing D.J. married in any way at her age is not pleasant for Danny, who wants the procedure reversed as soon as possible, and Becky feels the same way about Jesse and Elena. After the procedures are reversed, Jesse proposes to Becky, and for a second time, Jesse and Becky are engaged to be married, only this time, for real! This was a really great episode and I hope to see it again on TV soon.
  • Jesse's grandparents come from Greece. They bring along Jesse's cousin's daughter Malina, who looks just like Michelle. Also 2 neighbor kids or something who are now almost grown up; Sylvio and Elena.

    It's good to see the Greek culture here, or at least in their town. I wonder why Jesse's parents don't show up here; Nick would've been their son; why did he not pass these things on to Jesse? Or defend him? It was most interesting to see Jesse re-interact with Elena when he was getting serious about Becky, and almost forgetting how much they loved each other. When Elena said "your grandfather told me you are not married", well, did they think that they'd be good together? Did they know about this "walk around the table" they did? Jesse I don't think knew what it meant when they did. And obviously neither did DJ when she and Sylvio did that. As DJ said "very sweet and very weird". The party is beautiful, when they're dancing and stuff, and Becky comes back to give Jesse the chance to explain. And then after the "divorce" ceremony, and Papouli kisses Yaya, they get engaged. Good they covered everything; their last attempt at a wedding, and are there any more "wives" she doesn't know about. Oh yeah, I love when Stephanie shows Yaya the Vogue dance.
  • Table walking hmmm.

    This episode was about jesse family visiting them. One of Jesse nephews has a crush on DJ and she likes him back. An old friend of jesse comes and remembers marrying him by going around the table by jesse newphew doing the same thing to DJ. Which of course makes rebecca all up set and wants to get all mad. Then he tells that lady that used to be his old girl friend that he is in love with rebecca. So every one goes to an party and every one starts to break plates and jesse asks rebecca to marry him.
  • Table walking?

    This would have made a great Season 3 ender, though Michelle may not have been old enough to act nearly as well.

    The episode delves into classic styles of Full House. Jesse has past woman troubles, strange tradtions throw off the whole family, and new relatives are introduced in order to make things more fun.

    The re-engagement of Jesse and Becky helps set the tone and the backstory for the whole season.

    It's also interesting to see the differences between Michelle at three and Stephanie at three (or was she four when the show began).

    This was a great episode, and I'm out of things to say.
  • Jessie's relitives comes to visit for Greek Week.

    Jessie's grandparents come to visit Jessie for greek week.Lots of interesting things begin to happened.When Jessie meets his old childhood friend.While D.J falls in love with Sylvio.Who basicly start to liked her as well.Than Michelle meets someone who is liked her twin.When Sylvio walks D.J around the table.What they learn from Jessie's Grandfather that when you go around the table.You are married so to everyone shocked D.J is married to Sylvio and Jessie was married to his long time friend from greece.Which was an shock Rebecca.

    Just to say that it didn't end too well.But Jessie annouces that he and Rebecca are going to get marrid again.
  • I love it when both Mary-kate and Ashley are in an episode. Definetly a favorite of mine.

    Okay, so DJ's story is interesting in the fact that she is married when she is like, what? 12? And Jesse's story is interesting too because he never knew that he was married as well. But i absolutely positively love it when you see both Mary Kate and Ashley in an episode. It makes it interesting and, since i have always been a fan of them ever since i could walk, i love to see if i can tell who is who (which the majority of the time i can).

    Great episode. Definetly a favorite of mine.
  • jesses relatives visit from greece

    this episode has lots of storylines - dj and sylvio jesse and the wife from greece, michelle and melina, jesse and becky, paupoli and the grandma or whatever ...all pairs of people. jesse and becky, you should note, get seriously engaged in this episode, and will get married later this season. overall, i think this episode is entertaining the first 5 times you see it haha
  • Awwwww, definently my favorite episode!!!

    *Becky and Jesse!!! I love them together and they're finally engaged!!! YES!!!

    *Michelle and Melina were so hilarious! They are sooo cute together, I loved it so much!

    *The whole walking around the table and Greek traditions always make me crack up!

    *DJ got married! That was so hilarious and Danny's freaking out, it was all very funny.

    *I love all the Greek relatives! They were so great. "Since no animals have exchanged hands, divorce may be possible..."

    *The end is just so great! Again, Becky and Jesse are so sweet together! And the big party with Greek dancing and breaking plates. It's just a fantabulous episode!
  • jesses grandparents come to visit america for their 50th wedding anneversiry and bring a young boy DJs age and one of jesses old girlfriends from greece! at the anniversary party they both get deivoraces and jesse propses to beccy for real this time!

    wow this was amazing the boy wasnt aht cute htey could have done better but it was sooo cool it was a differnt kind of show and i liked how they put teh twist odf them being married in becuase htat added alot into the show i have been waitin 4ever for rebecca nd jesse to finaly get married
  • Highly amusing, one of the episode's best...

    I thought this episode was highly amusing. From all the great lines, to the ridiculousness (is that a word?) of the characters being married at 14, it makes for a great season classic.
    One of my favorite lines was right after Ya-Ya Gina and Papouli arrived, and introduced Silvio. With DJ, it was love at first sight. My favorite line was when DJ said "Papouli, are we related?" Papouli said no, so DJ said "yessss!"
    I also like when Michelle told Melina that she was very beautiful (because Michelle apparently thinks that she herself is beautiful).
    Overall, this was a fun-filled thriller of an episode, that everyone can enjoy!
  • Wait do you have any other wives in any other countries?

    I think this was the best episode well one of the best episodes that Full House made. It was so fun to watch. The writing was excellent. When the grandparents arrived with 3 others it was excellent to have a duplicate Michelle it was rare to see both the girls on the show at the same time.
    When DJ took "A walk around the table" nobody but the grandparents knew what was going on. The ending was excellent when Jesse asked Becky to marry him. This is a watch again and again episode.
  • We see Jesse and Becky's love blosom

    From a couple at the start of season 3 having growing pains going from infatuation to true friendship, we see in season 4 that they've not only hit their stride, they've really managed to find out that they are right for each other. It'll take some time yet, but it's a pivotal step in Jesse's life as he makes that sure break from rebel to family man who still has a little bit of rebel in him, but not too much.
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