Full House

Season 4 Episode 1

Greek Week

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 1990 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Ashley Olsen plays Michelle for the entire episode, while Mary-Kate steps in as Melina. They never switch parts.

  • Quotes

    • Papouli: (enters the house) What kinda--?!
      (Jesse and the others greet them in Greek)
      Papouli: That's better. But you still owe me for taxi.

    • Jesse: Becky, you know, I've never actually seen you iron.
      Rebecca: Me? Oh, I live to iron. I just hafta get one of those ironing tables.
      Jesse: Sweetheart, that's ironing board.

    • Joey: (after someone at the party breaks a plate like a true partying Greek) Now it's a Greek party! OPA!!!
      (he throws a plate down to the floor, and it breaks)
      Everyone else: OPA!!!
      (they all do the same thing)

    • Danny: Come with me into the kitchen. I'll show you my i̱faísteio.
      Papouli: You have a volcano in the kitchen?

    • Danny: D.J. and Sylvio are not married.
      Rebecca: (points to Jesse and Elena) Neither are they.
      Papouli: According to Pompadoras tradition, they are married. You give the girl flowers, you walk around the table and, that's what it's all about!
      Danny: That's not a wedding. That's the Hokey-Pokey.

    • Danny: (refers to his Greek language book) My sovraco is your sovraco.
      Papouli: Thank you very much, but we brought our own underwear.
      Danny: Lemme get back to you on that one. Okay?

    • Danny: D.J., why don't you go up to your room and wait for Daddy?
      D.J.: Daddy, with all due respect, you can't send me to my room anymore. I'm a married woman.
      Danny: You are not a married woman.
      Silvio: Papa?
      Danny: Please don't call me that.
      Silvio: I am ready to learn the family business. What do you do for a job?
      Danny: I have a talk show.
      Silvio: Well, I will study hard, and when you die, I will take over.
      Danny: I will never die. Silvio, walk with me, talk with me. We have to get ready for Iorgos and Gina's anniversary party, but first, let me explain to you something that we have in America called a restraining order.

    • Jesse: (Elena kisses him) Have merc-! (Rebecca taps him on the shoulder, and Jesse does a take) Have Mercedes come to Greece yet?

    • Elena: We came all the way to America to get divorces.
      Sylvio: We should have gone to Disneyland.

    • Danny: Did you hear that, girls? Uncle Jesse and Rebecca are gonna be married! Let's celebrate!
      Michelle and Melina: You got it dude!

    • Rebecca: (looking at Papouli and Gina) That's so beautiful.
      Jesse: Maybe that will be you and me in 50 years.
      Rebecca: I hope it will be.

    • Joey: Danny, I took the girls shopping. Wait til you see this. Okay. Come on in, girls.
      (Michelle and Melina enter, wearing the same hat and clothing)
      Joey: Go ahead. Try and tell 'em apart.
      Michelle: You'll never guess, Daddy.
      Danny: Oh, this is a tough one, but I bet the real Michelle is the one that just called me Daddy.
      Michelle: Aw, nuts!
      Melina: Aw, hoo!
      Danny: Bless you. And I think that would make you Melina.
      Melina: You got it, dud.
      Michelle: I told ya, it's "You got it, dude"!

    • Jesse: Will you walk around the table with me?
      Rebecca: Yes.
      Jesse: YES!!! WHOO!!

    • Rebecca: (to herself) That's it. (to Elena) Get your Pompadorian paws off my boyfriend.

  • Notes

    • This is absolutely the only episode in the entire series in which D.J. calls Danny "Daddy", as she's already a grown woman.

    • First (and only) appearances of Jesse's grandmother Gina, his cousin's daughter Melina, and Elena and Sylvio Banalakis, neither of whom are ever mentioned or seen again.

    • This episode originally aired on show star Dave Coulier's 30th birthday.

    • Lori Loughlin is now permanently on the opening credits for the role of Rebecca, whether she appears in the episode or not.

  • Allusions

    • Also, the song Joey sings while he's with the girls in Michelle's room is the theme to 'The Patty Duke show', which ran from 1963 until 1966

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