Full House

Season 1 Episode 14

Half A Love Story

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 1988 on ABC

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  • so-so kind of episode.

    this episode is worth while watching but i'ts not my first pick out of all the full house episodes,didn't have much in it surrounding dj and stephanie the only kids story line basicly is the storyline surrounding michelle where uncle jesse uses michelles cutness to get dates.this episode was a mixture ofthings really it wasn't just a plain story line,it was a bit like watching a light soap opera.
  • Now this episode is a good one about love and how silly mistakes can cost you...

    This episode is a great episode to watch which has romance and humorous moments, such as when Danny caught Jesse kissing Michelle's stomach in front of Robin, and when Jill and Robin meet up with each other at Danny's house. Especially when Robin, Jesse, and Danny were in the same room and Danny totally embarrased Jesse.

    The episode has a pretty good plot and I wanted to know how the episode would end, if the two women would dump Jesse or work things out with them. That's the thing with Full House - it keeps you waiting for more answers, and that's why this episode deserves a high rating of 9.
  • Jesse is the Fonz for the '80s.

    Nowhere is it more evident than in the first season and Jesse w/the ladies. ABC wanted to create a Fonz type who slowly matured, softened by the girls, but who stayed a rebel in some ways for quite a while, slowly maturing. Here, we see him trying so hard to impress only himself.
  • Another in a long line of Jesse's pick up lines.

    Another in a long line of Jesse's pick up lines. Throughout the whole first season jesse jumped from girl to girl using all kinds of pick up lines and antics. Which was so silly since he could attract and probably get any girl he wanted. He didn't need to use all the silly acts he used. Robin showed great instinct about Jesse though she was wrong for the most part. Jesse was just in searchof the right woman to fill his life. His approach was just wrong. I am sure Robin would have liked him just the way he was without his trickery.