Full House

Season 5 Episode 9

Happy Birthday, Babies (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 1991 on ABC

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  • This episode and the next are why I still watch the series.

    This episode is awesome. The minute they come out with a season 5 DVD, I'm buying it. The Olsens are just so cute (by cute, I mean I'd date them). And they just get cuter as the series goes on (like they're now showing season 8 on Nick @ Nite). Then, in the episode that picks up where this one left off, Jesse was hilariuos when he was grogy from the anistesia. It's like: Jesse: I'm gettin' a wife and a baby in the same day. He had no idea that Becky was his wife. So, I LOVE THIS EPISODE!
  • Happy Birthday to you

    This part of the double episode was good. Not only is it hard for parents to see their kids growing up it sometimes its hard for the baby of the family to grow up. I thought it was touching when the family was talking to Michelle about how special she still is going to be even though she will be 5 and her baby book stops.
    I thought it was funny when Jesse thought he was having sympothy pains.
  • Michelle doesn't want to grow up.

    Michelle is excited about her birthday.When Danny looked through her baby book and show Michelle her baby book.After he closed the book.Michelle wanted to see more pictures of her.So she decided that she was not going to grow up anymore.So the others begin to tell Michelle how good she was when she was an little baby.So there are few flashback episodes of Michelle,when she was an baby.Which made Michelle feel happy.

    An o.k episode part 1 of the episode.