Full House

Season 5 Episode 10

Happy Birthday, Babies (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 1991 on ABC
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Happy Birthday, Babies (2)

Michelle's Flintstone-themed party with her friends starts out well, but everyone must be as accommodating as possible when Rebecca goes into labor.

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  • Welcome to the world, Nicky and Alex!

    This is the only episode of the whole series we experience the birth of baby boys. We also experience Minny the dog giving birth to Comet and others, but that's dogs. Anyways, this is a great episode to the series. Funny, witty, and just plain great. The episode does not have much of a plot, but still, just experincing the magic of two more adorable and popular characters to the show. Even when they couldn't talk (or have hair in Jesse's case) you can totally know that Nicky and Alex Katsopolis are going to be memorable Full House characters, just like Michelle, the show's favorite little girl. Anyways, welcome to the world Alex and Nicky!moreless
  • Hooray the twins are here!!!!

    This was such a special episode because Becky went into labor at Michelle's birthday party and had the twins, Nicky and Alex. It kinda sucked that it interuppted Michelle's party, but now she shares her birthday with her new little cousins. What was the funniest part of the episode was when everybody ran out after Becky went into labor leaving Michelle and her friends in the house. When Joey, DJ, and Stephanie realized they left the kids inside they came in to find them pigging out on the cake because none of them are old enough to use a knife. Then to show what she got each kids opens the present they got for Michelle and she goes down the row giving her opinion on each "like it, love it, love it, like it, love it, hey that looked bigger on TV" (I don't remember exactly what she said, but the last one was just hilarious. Unfortunately for Jesse & Rebecca, things only got worse when they got to the hospital when it was announced that Jesse had to have his appendix taken out leaving Danny to coach Rebecca through her labor pains. In the end, Jesse made it out of sugery in time to see the twins be born, but since he was under anesthesia he was a little out of it. And, they welcomed two beautiful baby boys, Nicholas (Nicky) named after Jesse's father and Alexander (Alex) after and old professor of Becky's.moreless
  • Sentimental Ep

    For some completely random reason, when I was growing up we had this single episode on video tape and being a huge Full House fan and bored kind of a kid I watched this thousands and thousands of time no exaggeration. I remember I was about 4 and my Mum was pregnant and so I was regularly babysat by all different people and I had a video of Mary Poppins that I took with me every day to keep me occupied (TV is a great babysitter I don't care what anybody says LOL) and after Mary Poppins was this episode. So the funniest thing is that after watching this video daily for about 3 months when mum gave birth she had TWINS!!! I mean I'm sure everybody else already knew that while she was pregnant but it didn't really dawn on me until I actually saw them. How cosmic. So I haven't really reviewed the episode except to say it defined my childhood I basically was Michelle except they were my siblings not my "cousins".

    Excellent episode that reeks of nostalgia for me :)

    Favourite quote and a living legend in my house :He's not wearing any!" Also a big fan of "love it, love it, love it... that looked bigger on TV" Hahamoreless
  • Happy Birthday, Nicky and Alex!

    This is a perfect conclusion to this two-parter, and I liked this part even better than the first part, sice there are more exciting events going on. Rebecca suddenly went in labor during Michelle's birthday party, so everyone had to take her to the hospital (with their costumes on). When Michelle and her friends thought that they were home alone because evetyone took Becky to the hospital, they started partying like crazy, until everyone came back in when they realized that the kids are left alone. In the hospital, just as Rebecca was in labor, Jesse had to go to surgery, so Danny had to be with Rebecca during that time. Then, when Jesse finished his surgery, he had temporary amnesia and forgot who Rebecca was, even after some frustrated explaining. But all this process was worth it when they afterwards, finally had their two babies, Nicky, and Alex.

    I think that this episode was very exciting and adventurous, with all these things all happening at once, which makes this episode really excellent.moreless
  • Nicky and Alex the new members of the tanner family or rather Jessie and Rebecca family.

    It is finally Michelle's birthday party.Which is an Flintstone theme party.The guests are there.However,something unexpected happened Rebecca begin to have pain.While the others,are helping Jessie and Danny with Rebecca in the car.The kids think that they are home alone and end up eating the cake.When they were at the hospital Jessie had to have an operation due to his appendex.Even though,he hadn't seen the miricle yet.Which happened of course.Yeah so the twins and Michelle share the same birthday together.

    It was funny when the kids ate the cake with their bare hand.moreless
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John Stamos

Jesse Katsoplis

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Bob Saget

Daniel Ernest "Danny" Tanner

Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin

Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis (recurring Season 2, 1989-1995)

Candace Cameron

Candace Cameron

Donna Jo Margaret "D.J." Tanner

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin

Stephanie Judith Tanner

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner

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Wendy Cutler

Dr. Sinclair

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    • Jesse: (about the twins) How'd they end up with Fred Mertz's hair?

    • Rebecca: Danny, what is this?!
      Danny: Becky, it's your own camera crew. You know Mark and Eppy.
      Rebecca: I know who they are. What are they doing in my room?
      Danny: Don't you remember when you first announced you were pregnant on Wake Up, San Francisco? You promised all of our viewers that we'd get to see the whole thing on tape.
      Rebecca: Yeah. Well, that's when I was thin, my hair was done, and I wasn't sweating.
      Danny: That's not sweat. That's a mother's glow.

    • Rebecca: Kimmy, is Jesse okay?
      Kimmy: I don't know. I got lost. But I did find Luke, this really cute guy with 2 broken arms. So I volunteered to spoon-feed 'em his jello.

    • Michelle: Did you have the twins yet?
      Rebecca: No. Not yet.
      Michelle: What's taking 'em so long?
      Stephanie: Maybe they can't decide who should come out first.
      D.J.: Well, it could take a while. According to my biology teacher, a woman can be in labor for days.
      (Rebecca whines)

    • Danny: Becky, just keep breathing. Okay? We're almost through this one. Okay? The main thing is not to think about the pain. There is no pain. Pain is not part of the vocabulary. Pain does not exist.
      Rebecca: Danny, d'you think you could say the word "pain" just a few more times?
      Danny: Sorry. I'm just tryin' to help keep your mind off that not-so-great feeling.

    • Danny: (about Jesse) He just has to have an appendectomy.
      Michelle: Appenwhat?!
      Joey: Well, boys and girls, in scientific terms, an appendectomy is when they take that little thingamajig out of your Tom-Tom that you really don't need-need.

    • Michelle: Thanks for the presents and thanks for coming.
      Teddy: This was a strange party.

    • Rebecca: Oh, honey. I'm so glad you made it on time.
      Jesse: In time for what?
      Rebecca: The birth of our babies.
      Jesse: Oh that's right. You're havin' my baby. (sings) What a lovely way of sayin' how much you love me!

    • Jesse: Danny, listen. If I don't make it out in time, can you help coach Becky through the childbirth?
      Danny: Oh, Jess, no problem. I've been through this 3 times before. I could do this with one hand behind my back, which I might have to to keep this gown closed.

    • Danny: Jess, what's goin' on? Are you okay?
      Jesse: Oh, sure. I'm fine. I just figured, heck, while I'm here, I might as well have my appendix taken out.
      Danny: Can't you just let Becky have the babies? You are so competitive.

    • Clerk: Would Puff the Magic Dragon like a hospital gown?
      Danny: Actually, I'd love one. And the name is Dino.
      Clerk: Come with me.

    • Danny: Kimmy, do me a favor. Call home and tell 'em everything's okay.
      Kimmy: You got a quarter?
      Danny: Where would I keep it? Just call collect, and tell 'em to please bring some pants.
      Kimmy: Right. Bring pants. (to the people behind her) Because he's not wearing any.

    • Kimmy: Mr. T, people are staring. Lose the lizard suit.
      Danny: Why should I? I look fabulous in lavender. And I'm really into this character. (whispers) Truth is... I'm not wearin' any pants.
      Kimmy: You're not wearing any pants?! GROSS!

    • Jesse: Look, I'm havin' twins here. I need some service. Can you call a bell hop or something?
      Admitting Woman: Would you like a pool side room or an ocean view?
      Jesse: Honey, would you like a pool side room or an ocean view?
      Rebecca: Jess, she was kidding.
      Jesse: I knew that.

    • Jesse: All right! Clear the path! Woman in labor here! Move! Move! Move! Move it! Move it! Move it!
      Rebecca: Jess, why don't you just stick a sign on my back that says "Wide Load"?
      Jesse: Well, you're 3 weeks early. I didn't have time to make a sign.

    • Jesse: Okay, everybody, this is it. Becky's ready to have the twins.
      Danny: No!
      D.J.: Really?!
      Stephanie: Get outta here!
      Rebecca: Don't start that again! It's true. I'm gonna have the babies.
      Michelle: At my party? This is better than Chuck E. Cheese!

    • Jesse: You can't possibly be goin' into labor, because I'M NOT READY YET!!
      Rebecca: Well, ready or not, here they come.
      Jesse: No!
      Rebecca: Yes!
      Jesse: Get outta here!
      Rebecca: Jess! We've already played this game. Now come on. I'm ready to have our babies.
      Jesse: Have mercy!

    • Rebecca: Jess, I think it's time.
      Jesse: I know. Put on your little costume. You're gonna make a great pregosaurus. I'm gonna get my club.

    • Jesse (dressed up as Fred Flinstone) I wouldn't do this for anyone but Michelle.
      (he knocks on the nursery door in Fred-Flintstone
      Jesse: WILMA!
      Rebecca: I'm not Wilma.
      Jesse: Just practicing.

    • Michelle: This is Comet, my pet stegosaurus.
      Teddy: That's not a stegosaurus! That's a Golden Retriever.
      Michelle: You got a bad attitude.

    • Danny: Deej, it was real sweet of you to dress up and play along like this.
      D.J.: Just remember, when I get my driver's license, I've 2 words for you: Red Porsche.
      Danny: And I have 2 words for you: Must pass.

    • Danny: Would you gimme a hand pickin' up these crumbs? My arms haven't evolved yet.
      D.J.: Ooga-ooga, Dino.

    • Rebecca: I think it's time to have the babies.
      Jesse: No!
      Rebecca: I think so.
      Jesse: Get outta here!
      Rebecca: I really do.
      Jesse: No!
      Rebecca: I think so!
      Jesse: Get outta here!

    • Danny: Sorry I'm late. I had a little trouble gettin' my tail through the revolving door.

    • D.J.: Cave people never say "yea". They say "ooga-ooga"!
      Teddy: How do you know they say "ooga-ooga"?
      D.J.: Because I'm Wilma Flintstone. I was there.

    • Rebecca: Jess, just hold my hand.
      Jesse: Won't your husband Donny be jealous?
      Rebecca: Jess, you're my husband.
      Jesse: I got a wife and a baby in the same day. Radical! (sings) Havin' my baby...!

    • Jesse: (to a doctor pushing a wheelchair) Hey, look at that. Doogie Howser. (grabs the wheelchair) Here we go. Sit down here in the wheelchair.
      Rebecca: Forgive him. He's basically lost it.

    • Joey: (high voice) Hi, little baby boys. My name is Joey, and I'm gonna teach you how to do archery, bowling, hockey, race cars...
      Jesse: Joey, Joey, they just learned how to open their eyes.
      Joey: Okay, then. We'll just play peek-a-boo.

    • Michelle: Is anyone allowed to use a knife?
      Everyone else: No.
      Teddy: I'll cut the cake. I take karate. (slices the cake with his arms) Hi-YAH!
      Michelle: Let's pig out!
      (she and the other kids eat the cake)

    • Danny: Let's do a quick little intro before your next contraction. Huh?
      Rebecca: Danny, I am not gonna do this!
      Danny: We're rolling.
      Rebecca: (to the camera) Hi. I'm Rebecca Donaldson, and I'm in labor.
      Danny: And I am Danny Tanner, and right now, we are in Rebecca's very hospital room where she's about to give birth to twins. I'm gonna be here every second, coaching Becky through her delivery and giving you the play-by-play, as we all watch in amazement, the miracle of life.
      Rebecca: Well, Danny, about that miracle, it's kind of a private thing that I'll be happy to talk about with you when I return to the show in a few weeks. But until then, this is Rebecca Donaldson saying, get outta my room.
      Danny: And cut.

    • Michelle: There's nobody here but us kids?!
      Teddy: That could never happen!
      Michelle: It's true. We're home alone!
      (all kids scream in the style of Kevin McAllister from "Home Alone")
      Teddy: Let's eat birthday cake!

    • Michelle: They're so little, they can wear my doll's clothes.
      Jesse: Hey, back off, Shorty. They're boys. (laughs)

  • NOTES (2)


    • Michelle: We're home alone! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

      When the family runs out, leaving Michelle's party alone, Michelle and her friends make the same face and scream as Kevin McAllister did in the movie "Home Alone".