Full House

Season 4 Episode 13

Happy New Year

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 28, 1990 on ABC

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  • haha funny

    I thought this episode was hilarious and right now it's new year's eve at about 3:26pm so I was just watching this on my dvd and I love this episode. I thought it was funny when Jesse and Danny were talking to the easel and Joey was all "if you try and chase me im gonna scream like a girl" haha. Not many shows have new years episodes so I thought it was great how this show actually had one. I also thought it was funny when Rusty was all "Hey Steph, guess what happens at midnight? You get a new year's kiss. Muah! Muah! Muah! Muah! Muah!" haha and stephanie was all "eww gross! I'd rather kiss a frog!" and rusty was all "ribbet ribbet!" and Michelle was all "Happy new year happy new year" and DJ was all "Dad Kimmy's having a new year's party at her house tonight and I know I promised to babysit Stephanie and Michelle but just for one night can't we put 'em in a kennel or something?" and Danny was all "DJ that's a terrible thing to say about your sisters. Besides kennels are very expensive" haha I just loved this episode especially when I get to watch it on new year's eve.
  • Happy New Years

    I didn't like this episode at all. It really sends out a bad message to many. There are many people that are alone on New Years Eve. Does that mean they all have to have a companion on New Years Eve? Does that mean you have to run out to a dating service? Who would ask somebody to marry somebody the first day they met? Just to unrealistic for my taste.
  • Just a good, funny show

    Full House has numerous shows that don't have a huge amount happening, but they're typical "day int he life of" shows. This was one of them. Nothing riveting, no major dilemmas, just the typical day a family like this might have. Danny's stil going with Cindy, & it woudl have been nice to show the breakup, but you caan tell it's gradually getting not quite as good as it could be between them. Rusty has improved w/the Tanners' help, but is still a bit ornery, teaasing about kissing Steph, and Steph biting the onion and then kissing him was priceless. Michelle acts like the typical 4YO would trying to stay up for New Years', and it's sweet to see her w/Comet. Kimy is weird, and has a huge party. It's just typical FH fun. We don't learn much, but be honest, if you had to pick 24 days or events over a year in your life to do a show about could you? Doubt it. I couldn't.