Full House

Season 7 Episode 7

High Anxiety

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 1993 on ABC

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  • Problem is, she would have been getting these privileges when Danny promised to be more lax w/rules after she broke the dinosaur. However, there's an out w/the clothes - she probably pushed too far, like w/the biker gear she liked from Bad Michelle (The

    This episode seems on its surface to abandon the promise DAnny made about Michelle getting more chance to have less rules after she broke the dinosaur. However, Michelle take a mile when given an inch, and it's quite possible that she pushed too far,a nd Danny or, if she got too bad, D.J. would then crack down iand it would be right back tot he same thing.
    Of course, no child would be not allowed to pick anything out at that age - a man that controlling would be creating far more problems than we see. However, Michelle may have been told to pick between one of 2-3 things before the dinosaur - and remember she wanted a tattoo then, too. So, she must have matured in the span between then (really, Disneyworld) and this episode.
    However, while it's apparent, and I normally say we have to figure we don't see everything, the stuff Danny picks is so bad there should be a bit more explanation with this one, instead of making us assume that's what happened.
  • This hat is ugly and so is this dress

    This hat is ugly and so is this dress. Its very hard for a parent to accept that their last baby is growing up. It was especially hard for Danny since Pam is gone and he knows Michelle is growing up right before his eyes. So he tries to hang on and keep her a baby, which Michelle is getting sick of. She finally speaks what she is thinking that Danny needs to stop the treatment and let her grow up. It was very funny when Jesse goes into the living room to look at the samples of toilets expecting a pamplet of toilest instead there is a livingroom full of toilets.