Full House

Season 3 Episode 20

Honey, I Broke the House

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 1990 on ABC

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  • superb

    Stephanie goes for a 'pretend' drive in Joey's car while he is out getting something for it. Stephanie accidentally drives through to the kitchen. Worried, she feels she only has one option; to run away and never come home.

    Good episode, albeit a little boring in parts, it had some good funny parts and a good ending, in which Stephanie is taught that nothing she does will ever make Danny stop loving her. A good episode for the most part, so because of all of this, it gets an A- from me. Not the best ever but an enjoyable 22 minutes
  • There's a car in the kitchen! How did it get there? Through the window!

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes in the series because it's really funny at some parts. It all started out as Stephanie having nothing to do but wait for dance class to start, so she tried to talk to everyone, but everyone was too busy, so she decided to play in Joey's car until her dance class. When Stephanie wanted to play the radio, she turned on the ignition. She thought that the letter "R" on the gear lever means "Radio", but it actually means "Reverse", so when she pulled the lever, the car went backwards and crashed in the kitchen. What makes this episode so great is the hilarous reactions of everyone when they saw the car in the kitchen. When Michelle saw the car, she excitedly told the others about the car in the kitchen, but nobody believed her. D.J. and Kimmy were also really surprised. When Jesse came home, he didn't see the car until he dropped the groceries. It's also nice to see Danny change from smiling to shouting angrily. This devastated Joey the most, as he was crying when he saw his perfect car being broke. However, the funniest part of this episode is when Jesse saw Stephanie hanging in Becky's closet.
  • Never leave anybody's kids alone with your car even your own kids.

    Joey leaves Stephanie alone with his car and she gets in the car. Stephanie thinks R means radio than the car backs up into the kitchen. Today's lesson is R does not mean Radio it means Reverse. Stephanie feels bad about what she did and she tries to run away. She wants to go to Mexico. Jesse finds Stephanie and Becky's house than he finds out that she is the one who drove the car into the kitchen. Jesse brings her home and Stephanie tells everybody that she drove the car into the kitchen. She is sent to her room and Danny tells her that she could have hurt herself and she could have hurt somebody by doing what she did.
  • Driving is for everyone.


    Now, I see that previous raters rated this high. I guess I\'m a bit of a hothead though. I can\'t see that kind of rationality coming out of a situation like putting a car through a house.

    Obviously that\'s not the direction this show would or even should ever take.

    On par with the show, what amounts to a major disaster is trivialized emotionally by the car owner Joey, the house owner and father Danny, and everyone else. And of course, the house is perfectly fine next episode.

    It\'s still a good episode, with the message of \"your being ok is the most important thing\" loud and clear.
  • There's A Car in the Kitchen and it came through the window! lol

    This was a great episode of Full House like every episode before and after this. This is one of my personal favorites because Stephanie drives Joey's car into the kitchen on accident when she was trying to turn on the radio and it went into reverse. Here is a summary of what happened in this episode: Jesse wants to have a romantic night with Becky, who tells Jesse that she can't because she is scheduled for a business dinner with Beau McIntyre, a former football player who is scheduled to be a guest on "Wake Up, San Francisco", and this makes Jesse jealous. There are 20 minutes left until Stephanie has to be at dance class, so what is there to do until then? She can't get anyone to listen to her about how her day has gone so far, even Joey, who is preoccupied with his new car "Rosie". When Joey sees a nick in Rosie's paint, he leaves with Comet to go to Sid & Jean's Auto Supplies to buy a bottle of touch up paint. While Joey is gone, Stephanie gets inside of "Rosie" so she'll have something to do. As she is sitting in the driver's seat, she decides to turn the radio on, and unaware that the radio doesn't work, Stephanie turns the key, hoping that she's turning it toward the auxiliary option that allows you to turn on the radio while the car is not running. Instead, she ends up starting the car. Not knowing what the letters and numbers on the gear lever mean, she thinks the letter R means "radio", so she puts it on "R", discovering the hard way that "R" means reverse, as "Rosie" backs up and crashes into the kitchen. Stephanie is so scared and feels so bad about it that she has her ride from dance class drop her off at Becky's house, where Stephanie tells Becky that Stephanie can never go back home. Jesse shows up at Becky's house to apologize for being jealous, and he talks to Stephanie, who is afraid Danny will stop loving her when he sees what she has done. Danny proves Stephanie wrong by saying that no matter what, he'll never stop loving Stephanie, D.J.., and Michelle. I hope to see this episode again because it was great and it made me laugh and think more about what the "R" means in your car. lol :)
  • "Baby, you can't drive my car." Stephanie accidentally starts Joey's new car . . . and crashes it through the kitchen wall! Will this little trooper cross the border to Mexico, or stay in California and tell the truth?

    I was waiting for some action in this show, and driving Joey's car into the kitchen was perfect . . . especially Michelle's facial expression when she discovered the hot rod in the kitchen. She kinda made her mouth turn into a complete circle and exclaimed real excitedly, "There's a car in the kitchen!!!!" That was classic. I love all of Michelle's facial expressions, and also the way how she said the car got in the kitchen by driving through the window. And technically, she was right. But there wasn't a window anymore. Then I liked how Jesse was when he discovered something had replaced the kitchen table, and it was Joey's car. He didn't bother setting the groceries on a nearby table or counter, he just dropped them. Then there was Danny's and Joey's facial expressions when they saw the car. But the funniest part was when Stephanie was hiding from Jesse at Rebecca's apartment, in her closet, and when Jesse opened the closet door, she was in that coat, hanging off the coat rack. Aaah, this episode was so darn funny.
  • There's a car in the kitchen!

    This was one of the best episodes of season 3. Great writing, and it had several funny moments such as when Stephanie though the R on the gearshift meant Radio, and especially the look on Michelle's face when she walks into the kitchen and sees the car for the first time. Also like it when DJ asks her dad, "Dinner is almost ready, do you want me to set the car?" and when Jesse opens the closet and Stephanie was hanging from the jacket. Good times and big laughs! Don't miss this episode of Full House because you will be missing out!
  • This was a wonderful episode for all of the chracters with hilarious scenes.

    This episode is definately one of my favorite Full House episodes! I love the expression on Michelle's face when she see's the car in the kitchen, and I love the way she says, "There's a car in the kitchen!". Also, it is so funny when you see Stephanie hanging in Becky's closet. Jodie Sweetin also showed some very good acting during this eppisdoe, at the end, when she cries. I also love Danny's face when he sees the car in the kitchen. Another thing that is great is how Joey thinks that Danny crashed his car into the kitchen as punishment for not filling up the ice cube trays. If you haven't seen this episode, find out a way rto see it, and watch this episode, and if you aren't a Full House fan already, you will surely become one!
  • stephanie is left alone with joey's car she turns the car on and puts it in r which means reverse not radio and she knocks down the kitchen wall and breaks pretty much everything in that part of the kitchen and then runs away to becky's apartment then dan

    this is personally my favorite episode out of all of them it is very funny and entertaining and you never know what will happen next in this episode it teaches you not to leave little kids alone with valuable and very expensive things i learned funny lessons from this episode
  • A new kitchen table.... A car

    This was one of the best episodes in the series. When Joey left Steph alone with his new car and Steph accidently puts the car in reverse thinking R meant radio and drives through the house was such a great story line. When Steph runs away to Becky's house to say goodbye and Becky talks to Steph that was just the right thing to say to her. Then when Jesse comes to Becky's Steph hides in the closet and Jesse findSteph "Just hanging around" He convinces her to go home. Great episode.
  • Perfect!

    From the hilarious lines (the whole ice cubs tray bit when Joey finds out) to Michelle's reaction to Jodie's performance as Stephanie to the great message on true love, this has everything you would ever want in an episode of this show. I've used it as an illustration in Sunday School lessons in fact - how sin is usually something little, and even unintentional, how our Heavenly father loves and forgives us, even though we lose earthly blessings and rewards (she was likely grounded for a months, etc.), how we just have to go to God to receive His forgiveness through Jesus Christ when we admit we're sinners, etc.. And, how there's nothing we can do to kick us out of the family.