Full House

Season 6 Episode 10

I'm Not D.J.

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 1992 on ABC

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  • If your parents tell you to wait until you are older to get your ears pierced, you should do that.

    Stephanie wants to get her ears pierced because her friends have them, but Danny tells her that she should wait until she gets to Junior High like D.J. when D.J. got hers pierced. Stephanie doesn't care what he says. Stephanie lets Kimmy pierce her ears and she has Michelle promise that she won't tell Danny. Stephanie hides them with her Princess Lelia hairdo. As a result, her ear lobes are infected. D.J. has Stephanie tell Danny what she did and she is busted. Meanwhile Nicky and Alex get their first haircut by Joey's uncle. Jesse was thining that the boys weren't ready for their haircuts.
  • When Stephanie gets her ears pierced.

    This was a episode that made me feel bad for Stephanie.Is was when she wanted to get her ears pierced like both Jennifers.She tells Danny that she wants to go to the mall,and when Danny heard about getting ears pierced there,he said that she's too young,and should wait until you get to junior high like DJ.She told DJ,Steve,and Kimmy,and Kimmy said that her brother works at a piercing place,and that Kimmy will pierce them for Stephanie.Michelle and Comet watched them in their room.Kimmy pierced them,but then they got infected.While this was happening,Jesse and Becky were thinking of getting the boys a haircut.Jesse didn't like the idea himself,so he said he would do it himself.Later when Jesse was trying to give the boys a haircut,Danny made him feel like he can't do this.Becky and Jesse then took them to Jasper's.A little later at the house,Stephanie had a hairdo that covered her ears,then after Danny left,Stephanie noticed that they were infected.Michelle told DJ,and DJ wanted Stephanie to tell Danny.She did,and got grounded.
  • Stephanie wants to get her ears pierced, but Danny says no and tells her she can get them pierced the age DJ got her ears pierced. Fed up, Stephanie goes to an unknown doctor. Kimmy Gibler.

    The episode was okay, it was a girl dying for freedom and to do something her own way for a change. The main problem - Stephanie getting infected with that special gun Kimmy brought over - mostly Danny's fault. He could of at least get her ears pierced at a different age than DJ and make her happy. So what if a girl is like twelve or thirteen and gets her ears pierced? There are some girls in my class that got their ears pierced when they were like ten in fifth grade, or even younger, so what!?! But, the reason, KIMMY got Stephanie's ears infected . . . backed this score down to an 8.9. Sorry.
  • Ears and Balogna

    I liked this episode. I thought it was funny when Steph let Kimmy pierce her ears. Then she makes a comment about having practiced on some bologna. When Steph tried to hide her infected ears she picked quite a hairdo to do so.
    When any child goes to get something new done to them its usually the parents that freaks. Like when Nicky and Alex go to get a haircut. That was a very funny part of the show.