Full House

Season 2 Episode 20

I'm There for You, Babe

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 1989 on ABC

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  • Jesse & The Partridge Family

    When Jesse's band was overbooked at another place, the family fllls in @ the club. It's one of the worst performances ever, but cute.

    With Danny on guitar, Joey on harmonica, DJ on drums, Becky & Stephanie on background vocals & Kimmy on keyboards, this group would get three buzzers on America's Got Talent.
  • One of my favorite episodes from Season 2!

    I'm There For You, Babe is one of my favorite episodes from Season 2! It's Jesse's 26th birthday in this episode, and he has many many things to do. There are 7 and here they are: Coach DJ'S Soccer Game, bake Steph's cookies, go to Becky's uncle's first wifes son-in-law's wedding, work on his and Joey's jingle, fix Danny's car, help fix Michelle's jack-in-the-box, and make it to the Smash Club for his gig. I loved this quote a lot. It was so cute and hilarious:

    Michelle: My birthday! (takes Jesse's presents)
    Jesse: Hey, uh wo, wo, wo, wo! Get here you little gift-grabber! Give me that loot!
    Michelle: Happy birthday.
    Jesse: Here, keep the appointment book.
    Michelle: No thank you. (She walks away)

    Michelle was so adorable and funny there!
  • Jessie birthday ah yes and gets an tiring schedule that he can't keep.

    Ah yes its Jessie's birthday.He was hoping to have an good one.When Danny decided to give him as an birthday present an daily planner.Which will help him keep in schedule.Than this is Jessie list to do:

    Bake Stephanie's cookies.
    Work on him and Joey's jingle.
    Coach DJ's soccer game.
    Fix Danny's car.
    Attend Rebecca's relative's wedding.
    Help Michelle get the Jack out of her Jack-in-the-box.
    Make it to his gig at the smash club where there will be a music critic

    Too much preasure on Jessie.He tries to do it altogether.Unfortunelly that can't be help.But when Jessie didn't hire an band.His family back him up as an band.Which ends up in disaster.

    Pretty good episode well informitive shows how one person can not handle with the agenda.

    the dream sequence i liked because it really showed how much the pressure really was getting to him,it also had both mary-kate and ashley olsen in it,there so cute as babies and even cuter as babies together.very few episodes of full house have both of them onset at the same time.i think about 4 or 5 do out of 8 years!great episode,funny in parts such as when michelle tried to make a break for it with jesses birthday presants and jesse caught her and told her she could have the orginiser book danny gave him,and she said no.that was cute you've got to think that was a classic full house moment don't you?.
  • A great episode showing how much Jesse does

    Earlier this season, Nick told Jesse he was proud b/c he's the one who pulled everyone together after Pam's death. Here, we see how much he loves everyone and how he's really filled her role in so many ways, it's incredible. His character's pretty much lost the major roughness, though he'll still have problems and be way too lax at times it's awesome to see how much he's grown. But, a loved one's death will do that. The way everyone takes care of him then is super.
  • Bake me cookies, Feed Me, Fix my car

    Bake me cookies, Feed Me, Fix my car all wirling around in Jesse's head and on his birthday. It was kind of weird to see the distorted faces coming at him. It shows how much Jesse loves his family and how when you love like that you want to be able to do everything for them. But then there comes a time when you have to realize you can't do everything. Personally I think Jesse would have been better off singing by himself at the mix up at the smash club.