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Full House

Season 7 Episode 14

Is It True about Stephanie

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 1994 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Stephanie and Gia spread rumors about each other.

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  • Sweet, Sweet Revenge........

    This episode was really great because it was teaching something to the viewers. Stephanie gets into a little battle with a girl at her school named Gia. Gia's crush asks Stephanie to go with him to the Smash Club and Gia is very upset about this. For Revenge towards Stephanie, she posts fliers all around the school telling everyone that if you date Stephanie, you would earn $20.00. As Stephanie's day keeps getting worse and worse, cute guy Jamie calls off the date with Stephanie because of what happened. Furious about what Gia did, Stephanie gets alittle revenge of her own up her sleeve. Her friend Mickey snags Gia's report card and they blow it up and post it on the school wall where everyone can see. Jamie asks Stephanie back out again because he doesn't care what Gia thinks and makes of Stephanie but likes her for who she really is. Gia's is really embarassed about the report card and runs off crying when Stephanie confronts her about what she did. At the Smash Club, Jamie's band, Human Pudding is playing and Stephanie sees Gia there alone. Stephanie sits down and talks with Gia and eventually they decide to put everything behind them and they become friends. Everything works out in the end a Gia even gets a new crush. The drummer of Human Pudding. Gia tells Stephanie that the drummer is hers and she can have Jamie. Getting along and realizing that revenge is not the answer gives this show a really good plot and a well written story.moreless
  • What's 0 + 0 + 0? Your grade point average..

    What's 0 + 0 + 0? Your grade point average..As the kids tease Gia about her bad grades from looking at her repost card that had been blown up and posted on the boards at school. Steph looks on and laughs as she is the one who did it as a payback for Gia starting rumors about her. But later Steph realises payback is not so fun.
John Stamos

John Stamos

Jesse Katsoplis

Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Daniel Ernest "Danny" Tanner

Dave Coulier

Dave Coulier

Joseph Alvin "Joey" Gladstone

Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin

Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis (recurring Season 2, 1989-1995)

Candace Cameron

Candace Cameron

Donna Jo Margaret "D.J." Tanner

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin

Stephanie Judith Tanner

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • For some reason, on ABC Family, when season 7 starts airing, this episode comes first instead of "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night"!

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Stephanie feels bad about getting revenge on Gia)
      Jesse: I hate to say this kid, but... you've been cursed with a good heart.
      Stephanie: But, Uncle Jesse, this girl humiliated me in front of the whole school.
      Jesse: Stephanie, what have I always told you?
      Stephanie: Never get a beauty school hair cut?
      Jesse: Well, yes, but, no. It doesn't matter what others think about you. Just what you think about yourself.

    • Rebecca: Danny, this sushi is great. You hardly think of it as raw fish.
      Michelle: I'm eating raw fish?
      Joey: Of course not.
      Michelle: Thank goodness. (she eats a piece)
      Joey: You're eating squid.
      (Michelle spits it out)
      Michelle: Dad, we know you're sad about Vicky, but I just had a squid in my mouth.

    • Michelle: How long do we have to eat soup on the floor?
      Jesse: Well, just until your dad gets over this whole Vicky thing... or one more day. Whichever comes first.

    • Joey: (while he and Jesse move the organ) I don't care how upset Danny is over Vicky, he better stay outta my room.
      Jesse: Oh what's he gonna do? Rearrange your Bullwinkle TV set?
      Danny: Guys, is the chainsaw gassed up?
      (Jesse and Joey drop the organ)
      Joey: (imitates Bullwinkle) Let's go, Rock!

    • Scott: Hey, Gia, what's 0+0+0?
      Gia: I give up, Scott.
      Scott: Your grade point average!
      (he and the other students laugh)
      (Gia looks at her blown-up report card in surprise)
      Gia: Who did this?!
      (Stephanie waves to her)

    • Gia: You better call your little date off.
      Stephanie: No way.
      Gia: Tell him you can't make it. That you're not feeling well.
      Stephanie: I feel fine.
      Gia: You won't be if you don't call the date off.
      Stephanie: I'm not gonna do that.
      Gia: Fine. It's your funeral.

    • Stephanie: Well, I did something to get even with this girl, and I think I really hurt her feelings. What's wrong with me?
      Jesse: I hate to say it, Steph, but you've been cursed with a good heart.

    • Jesse: Danny brace yourself...we've been...rearranged.

    • Stephanie: Do you play the guitar or is that just a really big pencil box?

  • NOTES (1)