Full House

Season 7 Episode 1

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 14, 1993 on ABC

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  • superb

    Danny is disappointed that the girls don't seem to miss home, when they get home from summer camp. Michelle brings home a rabbit that they nursed back to health, and DJ, Stephanie, Michelle and Steve go back to return the rabbit. But they get stuck because of a storm.

    Good episode. The only thing stopping it from being an A+ is the twins' sub plot with the beds, not wanting to sleep in their own beds, was kind of boring. But the rest of the episode was pretty good, I thought, so overall my final grade is in the "B" range. An enjoyable season premiere
  • Camp Lakota!!

    This was a great episode of Full House. D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle go to Camp Lakota for the summer and have a great time. When they come back, they miss Camp Lakota and can't stop talking about it. Danny feels hurt in some ways because his girls go straight back there to return a rabbit that Michelle brought home with them. When they get to Camp Lakota, all the magic is gone and decide that it was great to be home. They enjoy a nice time at home with the family and roast marshmallows. This was a great episode and I hope to see it on again soon! :)
  • Camp smells and a rabbit

    I thought this was a very good episode. It showed the fun you can have at camp. The wish to be back there when you get home and the difference if you go back when nobody else is there. Its the fun you have with the people you are with that makes camp so much fun. I loved it when they all got back to camp and the rabbit was gone. Steve did a great job on his scary story. Good writing in this episode.
  • We love Camp Lakota, Lakota, Lakota. The camp that we love is Lakota, Lakota....

    This episode was awesome! It's the season 7 premiere, and I loved it. The episode is called It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. It was really funny too. Like when Stephanie was like Just the Wind, Just the Wind? It's never just the wind! Ha ha ha! Well anyways, this episode is about Steve tells Michelle, Stephanie, and the other camp girls a scary story about a half-man half-mud person. He says whenever it rains, he comes to life. He scares them, and when they get home, Michelle forgot to put her rabbit Gilbert back in the woods, so they go back to camp in the pouring rain and bring him back. Then, Joey comes in all full of mud and they think it's the crobsy maniac, but it's only Joey. Great episode!
  • Michelle's "bad attitude" is no more

    Suddenly, from Disneyworld to camp, D.J. has been workign on Michelle. From here to the end, there wil be no more major bouts of misbehvior, and the one there is was likely a dream ("A House Divided") because it was so out of character and silly. There will be no bossiness or rudeness - some Jess-like attitude but that's normal as that's who she developed like (75% of one's personality is developed by age 5.) It'l take time for D.J. to work that out.
    However, Michelle obeys Danny without question when he says she can't keep the rabbit - and doesn't even whine or complain. the writers did a super job of showing D.J. as at leaast a mother figure (Michelle has only her and Steph for 3 straight weeks, hadn't seen the others at all.) And, while we can speculate as to how tough D.J. had to be, Michelle later will be saying that they'd got it real good to Stephanie, and not to rock the boat. She knows now to obey Danny's less strict rules so she doesn't have to obey D.J..'s.