Full House

Season 2 Episode 3

It's Not My Job

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 1988 on ABC

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  • not my fave episode,good though on the part that jesse wants to quit the family buisness,when he starts selling jingles for a living i think it makes a better storyline for episodes.continue.....

    if you know that dannys a tv show talk host and joeys a comic and arn't too sure about jesse and what he does for a living besides help raise dj, stephanie and michelle, it's probably cause it's changed a fair bit first he was a bug killer,then he sold advertising jingles and then he started rising it to the top with his band.the take over from bug killing to jingles is definetly a better write in for episodes i think.i think the writers made a good desision even though the bug killing thing could get funny sometimes.
  • Shows Jesse making a major life decision - and gives insights into his character

    This episode does a great job of giving us insights as to why Jesse reacts like he does - Danny taalking about the anger Nick holds inside and that Jesse must have inherited some. (By the way, Nick would have been born in Greece & was likely a child during World War Two, which could give some insight as to why he has some anger issues, with all the fighting.) It also shows how important it is to talk about things and how not everyone is meant to do the same thing.
  • We're not the same....

    In this episode when Jesse and his father are fighting about Jesse leaving the bug business to focus on his music this was a very true to life story line. Many parents try to life their dreams through their children like Nick did with jesse about having a business he could pass down to his son. Even though it wasn't Jesse's dream. And sometimes kids interpert that as a parent not being proud of them when they the kids say no. Just like Jesse did. It was true to life. My favorite line in the episode is when Jesse is sitting in the hall and Danny says to him. "Your sitting there like a potted plant. Good episode.
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