Full House

Season 2 Episode 3

It's Not My Job

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 1988 on ABC



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    • Jesse: (gets into bed and looks at the clock) What am I doin'!? It's 7:00!

    • Jesse: Pop, I can't do something just becuase you want me to do it. We're two totally different people!
      Nick: We're the same!
      Jesse: We're different!
      Nick: We're the same!
      Jesse: We're different!
      Jesse and Nick: WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME?! (groan)
      Jesse: I've made up my mind, Pop.
      Nick: Meaning what?
      Jesse: Meaning... I quit.
      Nick: You can't quit, I built this business for you.
      Jesse: Daddy, it's not what I wanna do!
      Nick: Then quit!
      Jesse: Okay, I quit!
      Nick: FINE! If you're outta the family business... you're outta the family.
      Jesse: Pop!
      Irene: Nick!

    • Danny: Jess, did you and your dad try to work this out?
      Jesse: What's the point? He kicked me out of the family.

    • Stephanie: Why do I have to have a cavity? I'm gonna lose it anyway. It's a baby tooth.

    • Jesse: Bottom line is, I don't want to work with Pop anymore.
      Irene: Ooh. You know, I knew this day was coming. I was hoping I'd be dead when it did.

    • Joey: Lucky for us, there is a courage detector.
      Stephanie: Last time I was here, it was a spit sucker.
      Joey: Well, it does that, too.

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