Full House

Season 8 Episode 4

I've Got a Secret

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 1994 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • One has to wonder where the police are in the toy store scene, where Jesse, Joey, and Danny get physically bombarded by some very over-the-top shoppers, and there are people fist-fighting with each other in the background over the Super Fortress toys. If there was a phenomenon like that in a store, it would be typical for police to be there to help keep things under wraps, and in this case, they definitely should have been there.

  • Quotes

    • Derek: (starting the club handshake) Mighty!
      Lisa: Mutant!
      Aaron: Super!
      Michelle: Kids!
      Danny: And their dads!
      Michelle: Dad, don't push it.
      Danny: Right. Well, you kids have fun. I'm gonna start my own club--the Mighty Mutant I'm All Alone Dad Club.

    • Aaron: Super fake!
      Lisa: Yeah, this isn't an official Super Fortress. Super Mandy looks like Abraham Lincoln!
      Derek: And I believe the evil Fungo bears a striking resemblance to Herbert Hoover.
      Aaron: This is just a cheap imitation.
      Danny: Cheap? I paid $75 to a guy in an alley for this stuff!

    • Michelle: Dad, what happened to your shirt?!?!
      Danny: The same thing that happened to my ribs, but you can see it.

    • Danny: All right, this club means a lot to Michelle. If you guys let her back in, I'll give you what's in the bag.
      Aaron: Without saying it, you must think we're stupid!
      Derek: I believe that in his own crude way, Aaron is right, sir.

    • Michelle: Dad, can I borrow $39 dollars?
      Danny: Absolutely not.
      Michelle: Joey, can I borrow $39 dollars?
      Joey: Absolutely! Danny, can I borrow $39 dollars?
      Danny: Absolutely not. Michelle, how come you need so much money?
      Michelle: That's a secret.
      Danny: All right, honey. You keep your secret, and I'll keep my $39 dollars.

    • (Michelle's friends tell everyone if they let the secret about the club slip they have to eat toenails.)
      Danny: Here's popcorn for the Mighty Mutant Kids Club.
      (Kids gasp)
      Michelle: Good popcorn, huh?
      Lisa: Don't fill up on popcorn, Michelle. You're eating toenails.

  • Notes

    • Actress Dot Jones, who played the muscular mother in the toy store, later went on to have a recurring role as a P.E. instructor in Hilary Duff's breakout series Lizzie McGuire.

    • When Michelle and her friends are making the club Michelle only has one sock on, but in the next shot, Michelle has both socks, then in the next shot, she's back to 1 sock.

    • Lisa Leaper is introduced (aside from an uncredited cameo appearance last season).

  • Allusions

    • Title: I've Got a Secret

      The title of this episode is taken from a game show of the same name.

    • The name of this episode is also the title of a "Full House" book that was written about Michelle to capitalize upon the success of the show. As you may recall, both Stephanie and Michelle had book series of their own, and then there were some "Full House Sisters" books created about both of the girls together.

    • The "Mighty Mutant Super Kids" is clearly inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a popular kids tv show in the early 90's