Full House

Season 1 Episode 8

Jesse's Girl

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 1987 on ABC

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  • When Jesse and Joey tell the story about Corina.

    This episode was interesting and partly funny.It was when Jesse and Joey tell everyone the story of Corina.In the flashback,Jesse meets Corina,his guitar student,and after their lesson,they go out for 7 hours.The next day,Jesse was out,and Corina came for her guitar lesson.Joey asked her if she wanted to watch The Wizard of Oz with them.It was raining,and the TV went out.Stephanie was very upset,and Joey did the act of Wizard of OZ.I thought that part was funny.Then everyone but Corina and Joey went into the kitchen.Joey and Corina were talking,and Corina said that she loved his act,and she likes a sense of humor in men.Later that night,Joey and Corina are in the kitchen,and they start to kiss.Then Jesse catches them kissing,and then Joey stops and saw Jesse.When the flashback was over,the girls went to bed,and Danny talked to the boys.Then Corina was at their house.All 4 of them talked.
  • funny

    you know there is a song called Jesse's girl. I think this episode was pretty darn funny I just didn't think that it had the greatest storyline. They could have made this thing into the best episode ever if had a good story line. Jesse was great in this episode. I think it was a great Joey episode as usuall joey is obviously the funniest on the show and he had a great episode. Danny always has to have one of the classic full house moment things where he tells his kids wat they did wrong. Good episode I recamend it.
  • good. but prefer if it didn't just have an adults storyline,but a kids one aswell.

    this episode ok but usually full house has an adults story line with a childs for a mixture of audiences,but this episode didn't it was so full on with joey getting jesse's girlfriend,now thinking about it though if they tried putting a story line for one of the kids in it probably wouldn't have worked out so i guess it's better the way it is still i think the kids should atleast been in it more often then they were to make it more interesting,funny in parts still,worth watching.you gotta love full house!
  • Corinna falls for Joey.

    This episode was funny yet a fine exampler of how a girl can get you into a fight. Corinna falls for Joey instead of Jesse when Joey does his "Wizard of Oz" bit. Jesse catches them kissing. The funny part was telling the girls the story. And of course, the title of it- Mean Old Joey Stabs Sweet, Innocent Uncle Jesse in the Back. Great episode!
  • It's a twister....

    Ithought this was a very revealing and good episode. I thought that it showed how sometimes the person we like may not like us back in the same way like in Jesse and Joey's case. Corrina like Jesse but more as a friend where as Jesse thought he liked her in a different way. Corrina took a liking to Joey and so Jesse and Joey get into this huge fight over a girl that they really don't know hardly at all. Finally Jesse accepts the fact that Corrina likes Joey better and all ends well.
  • Very interesting; nice to see Joey get a girl sometimes, though I wish he'd have kept one.

    This was a fun episode because it told a great story of how Jesse and Joey are coping with being together and how Jesse is w/girls and how he gets jealous sometimes. Joey's Wizard of Oz is awesome; he is incredibly talented, as is the performer who played him, Dave Coulier. Any family would be lucky to have a Joey around.