Full House

Season 2 Episode 5

Jingle Hell

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 1988 on ABC

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  • Not bad, not great

    This had some funny arguments, like D.J. tying Stephanie's shoes together, but nothing really seemed to get resolved that much, because first, Jesse could have accepted Joey's help more easily, and second, D.J. really needed to do a better job of being a big sister, and while she does at times, she's not the nurturing type who would develop int he books, she's more the bossy type at times.
  • Starts off with Jess want Joey to help him with a Jingle. Turns into a very funny puppet show. Meanwhile The Girls arnt getting along too well.

    Well I thought there were a lot of Funny moments Starting when The guys started brainstorming ideas. But the Best part was when the girls stopped to realize that the guys fighting wasn\'t great and they made the men Make-up. This showed a lot Young People that kids arguments are very similar to adults and they can be resolved. :o)
  • this episode i'd rate above average for sure very funny.

    this episode is so funny with the whole idea of joey and the puppets.it's funny how the writers come up with stuff like this they can be so creative in the way that they write the scripts.my favourite part is when dj and stephanie are fighting in the laundroom and then joey and jesse come in and start fighting,so there straight opposite with each other saying'yes you did''no i didn't'yes you do'no i don't' that was a full house classic moment for sure it made me laugh.
  • Sorry to say another filler

    This episode though it had some funny parts in it was just, it seems to me, another filler episode. I thought Joey's idea was funny and this one being one of many idea's Jesse turns down could have been planned and exicuted to be a selling jingle. he shoe tying incident was silly. I liked the puppets. The fight of the yes you did no I didn't was also a saving grace for this episode. But still I feel it was another filler.