Full House

Season 3 Episode 12

Joey and Stacy and ... Oh, Yeah, Jesse

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1989 on ABC

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  • Another well written episode...

    This episode is well written, and also really comical. Joey decided to use comedy for a commercial, but Jesse disagrees. Stacey, a backup singer, also liked Joey's idea much better, so they teamed up and planned together to pitch in the comedy commercial. Meanwhile, Comet gets out of control and destroys things in the house. Stephanie defended Comet at all times, but they became enemies when Comet destroyed her favorite toy. Also, when Joey pitched in the comedy idea after he agreed not to, Jesse got mad and blamed it on Joey for hooking up with Stacey. Then D.J. repaired Mr.Bear and Danny gave Jesse and Stephanie a double lecture. It was funny when Danny mixed up their problems. Joey's attitude near the end was also fairly comical.
  • Mr. Bear needs repair

    this was a great character developement episode. First off it was for Jesse and Joey. It taught Jesse that he needed to listen more to Joey and respect other people's opinions his is not the only one that counts. Joey learned he needed to stick up for what he believes in more. And the sister's learned what it meant to be sisters when DJ fixed Mr Bear after he was torn apart by comet.
  • Very well written

    There aren't many bad things to say about season 3. This wasn't horribly special, but was very well written, in the way they meshed the Jesse/Joey scenes and the problems with Steph and Comet. How she went from defending comet to saying coldly "I HAVE no dog!" but brilliant! D.J. helping to fix Mr. Bear was beautiflu, and you could see Steph's concern for her best friend. THe way Danny mixes up his lectures is just more of his unique personality shining through.
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